Randy (17 May 2012)
"I do NOT worry about some things........but, My Greatest Fear is........"

I do NOT worry about....
1) Being WRONG about a Pre-Trib Rapture. 
I believe the Bible, and the various interpretations (by many more knowledgeable people than me) about the relevant Bible verses on the End Times, that all point to a Pre-Trib Rapture IS CORRECT.   I could be wrong.....but I don't see it any other way, than for a Pre-Trib Rapture! 
2) I do do some worrying about making it through THIS LIFE......until the Rapture happens....especially if it is NOT this year, 2012. 
God has always always always provided for my every need......and, many times, even provided for many of my dreams to come true, too!!  :)  So, I fully expect God will see me through until the Rapture....or my death. (Though I expect and hope for the Rapture long before I reach old age....though any day, like any of us..... God could call me home. And I am OK with that.  I tell close friends "Death doesn't scare me....but sometimes working through all the cares of this world does!"  lol....) 
3) Again......being WRONG about a Pre-Trib Rapture.  Hey, IF it's NOT PRE-Trib....if we are here for some of the Tribulation.......there will be ALOT of fellow Christians suffering through it all together....and I still won't be alone!!  So, there is NO WAY I'd ever start storing away food.....  What's the TV show out there?   Something about End of the World people storing food and building shelters?  haven't watched it even once.....
My GREATEST Fear is.......
** That the TIMING of the Rapture....is further away than I would like it to be;   than I expect it to be-based on my analysis;  or, than I HOPE it will be. 
I mean....if NOT 2012....then when?
How many more dominoes need to line up, in these Last Days, before it all starts?
How much longer can the European Union hold on to their political union?  to their financial inter-dependence?  Before the EU itself runs the risk of a total collapse?  The coming-together of the EU was....IS .....an End Times Event in and of itself.  IT CAN'T GO AWAY....right?  So, with the EU on "life support" politically and economically.....that (ALL BY ITSELF) shows how near we MUST be to the Rapture....right??!! 
How much longer can Israel hang in there, with it's enemies all gathered around and even peace agreements with Egypt on life support as well??  Before either THEY strike Israel, or Israel strikes them.....right?
And so on and so on......
I really think it 'could" be this year, 2012.
(Though, without personally having a Dream or a Vision from God about the timing of the Rapture....my calculations are just that...MY calculations....and I understand that....it is just my "guess")
I really really HOPE it will be this year, 2012.  

So....my greatest fear is that we are 1, 2, 5, 10 or more???  years away, still, from the Rapture. 
Though I don't think that is possible....based on my analysis and many others..... it certainly is MY Greatest Fear.
Wah.....I want to go home!!  (smile...)
I long for home......in heaven......so much more than I long for a long and "fullfilled" life here on earth.
Let's go Lord....what are You waiting for? lol... 
http://raptureready.com/soap/Alley3.html   (Read this....SO MANY PEOPLE are looking for Israel to strike Iran...and THAT then.....maybe....being the last straw, before God starts all of these Last of the Last Days events.)  Let's hope so.....     
TICK TOCKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  ??
PS.....boy, Israel is sure doing a GREAT job of NOT signalling the possible date of their attack on Iran....aren't they?  I sure am confused....
Hey.....like the Rapture...seems you just can't SET YOUR WATCH with any certainty.
Will Israel strike in June?  This summer?  Before the US Elections?  After? 
It sure is a chess-match though, isn't it?