Priscilla B (7 May 2012)
"What is wrong with the Church?"

Last night I was disturbed about the lack of reaction from the church's concerning the multiple problems facing the world today. I simply ask God, what is wrong with the Church. Well much to my surprise He kept me up for several hours last night telling me and I just want to pass it on.

The main jest of what He said was prayer. To be more specific, the lack of prayer as outlined in the Bible. Now please do not take offense if this is something you have participated in but the Lord really let me know that the Soaking Prayer movement is not of Him. He told me that nowhere in the Bible is soaking prayer used or encouraged. Quite the opposite. Look at Pentecost, they were all in one accord, not in 120 different prayer closets. And when they were in one accord, the Holy Spirit fell.

Satan is coming against prayer, specifically the part where if two or more agree on earth as touching, it shall be done. If he can divide the church into a lot of individuals praying about their own problems and away from the corporate prayer of a Church united, then he will win every time.

When Jesus was praying in the garden at Gethsemane, He was not relaxing with soft music, candles and pillows. He was in combat. The disciples were however preforming what I would call soaking prayer.

We have given up travailing in prayer for soaking in prayer and nothing is ever birthed without travailing. The definition of travail is painfully difficult or burdensome work, toil, pain, anguish or suffering resulting from mental or physical hardship. The Bible clearly states to travail in prayer, not to soak in prayer. If God was to inspect your prayer closet, would He find a boxing ring with Satan beaten and battered in the corner or a place of soft music and pillows and the latest in aerobatic candles. Soaking is for your laundry, not your prayer closet.

Thank you