Phil (14 May 2012)
"Re Ola Ilori's "OBAMA" on May 12"

John and Doves,
Thanks Ola and others for your informative letters on this matter. I will listen to see what my church has to say about this tomorrow morning.
I find it interesting that Obama has spoken out supporting Gay Marriage on May 9th just 8 days after the first anniversary of (they say) Bin Laden's death
on May 1st. Obama made a big thing about that too! Well it was he who claimed all the glory (?) for Bin Laden's demise a year earlier after all. Remember
the picture they published of them all watching the operation live on tv.....with Obama huddled away in a corner of the small room?
Remember too that the number 8 is their number for their new beginning and the upcoming London Olympic's torch has the number 8 stamped all over it.
So, with Obama's birthday at the very centre of the London Games on August 4th, what is the day gap between this big announcement about homosexual
marriage and his birthday? Well it is 87 days which is also 29+29+29 days. Now when any figure is divisible by a number three times it seems to be noteworthy
to me. 2+9 = 11 threefold.
It is also 18 days (6+6+6) to May 27th which has been mentioned by several as a date to be considered for the Rapture.
Keep looking up,