Ola Ilori (12 May 2012)

Hi Doves,
Obama hasn't received his Satanic anointing from the pit of hell yet, and  he's already making historic statements I was expecting him to make from  Wednesday the 23rd of May 2012!
"...he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue for forty-two months." [Rev.13:5]
If he's saying things like this now, it means many more blasphemous statements are to follow!
And yet so many Christians have not woken up to what happened on Wednesday the 9th of May 2012.
I've heard nothing from the mainstream Christian Churches and Ministries in America. Why??
Because most of them are Apostate, they've fallen away from a living faith in Christ, and will be going straight into the Great Tribulation to experience the full Wrath of God.
Many Christians will take the mark to save themselves from being beheaded, and as a result will be condemned to hell.
And all those who are praying for Obama you don't realise you are praying against your fellow brothers and sisters, who will be going into the Great Tribulation!
You are doing more harm than good!
If Christians can't see, at this late stage, who Obama really is - the Antichrist, they will never see it!
Does it matter?
Yes! if you're in awe of him, and are praying for him!
This is the result of imbibing the false teachings of mainstream Churches and Ministries in America.
It's why so many Christians voted for him in 2008 in the first place!
No discernment, no perception, just blind leaders leading blind people all over America.
Very sad indeed.