MathMan (8 May 2012)
"The Sun shall be darkened AND the Moon reddened BEFORE that great day of the Lord!!"


Dear Doves,


Gail posted an AWESOME picture in her post as follows:




Now read the following from Acts 2:20:


The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:


Now you may ask yourself, HOW could the Sun be darkened AND the Moon be reddened at the EXACT SAME TIME?  The answer is not at all obvious.  This EXACT astronomical spectacle occurs during a Sunset Annular Eclipse, EXACTLY AS PICTURED ABOVE!!


WOW!!  This EXACT RARE event will happen on the West Coast on May 20th AT SUNSET!!  May 20th, in turn, is EXACTLY 7 days prior to Pentecost!!  Such an eclipse is an EXTREMELY rare event!!  Indeed, a Sunset Annular Eclipse, or Wedding Ring Eclipse, hasn’t been seen in North America since 1760!!


Solar eclipses are traditionally bad omens for the world.  Given all the hints by the Illuminati of the Sudden Destruction PERHAPS hitting the West Coast, is this some sort of warning for impending disaster?  Given all the hints by the Lord of our impending Rapture, that is to happen just prior to the Sudden Destruction, is this some sort of announcement for impending bliss?


Just look again at the picture above.  While solar eclipses are an omen for the world, is this eclipse meant to be something different for us, His Watching Bride?  After all, does the above not look like THE perfect wedding ring!!


Could this RARE Eclipse be a final seven day warning to the slumbering world (similar to the seven day warning given to Noah to load the ark before the flood came)?  And at the very same time, could this “Wedding Ring Eclipse” ALSO be His announcement to His Watching Bride that we only have seven days left to wait for the Father to tell the Son to go and get His Bride?


While it is also written in the Bible that something similar to the above will happen to the Sun and the Moon AFTER the Tribulation (Matthew 24:29), the above SPECIFICALLY talks about this occurring BEFORE the Great Day of the Lord come!!


My fellow brothers & sisters in Christ, we have more reasons now than ever to be REALLY excited about our soon wedding.  If the Rapture is not on Pentecost 2012 (May 26 / 27, 2012), it certainly won’t be much long after that.  I am convinced that the Trumpet is being polished for use as we speak.  Soon it will be blown throughout and the land and we will soon thereafter be caught up in the Heavens to be with our Saviour forever and ever!!


YbiC, MathMan