MathMan (4 May 2012)
"Spectacular Astronomical Signs Embrace Pentecost 2012"


Dear Doves,


Check out the spectacular astronomical signs that will embrace Pentecost 2012 (links courtesy of Beast Watch News):


Annular Solar Eclipse (the “Wedding Ring” Eclipse) occurs on May 20th, 7 days BEFORE Pentecost 2012:

FROM BELOW ARTICLE:  “Over the next several weeks, skywatchers will thrill to a couple of astronomical wonders playing out in daytime skies: a solar eclipse on May 20 — and then, on June 5, a "micro-eclipse" of the sun that involves the planet Venus.  It'll take about three and a half hours for the moon's shadow to race across Earth's surface, from 6:06 to 9:39 p.m. ET.”

NOTICE that the shadow will touch the earth for EXACTLY 3 hours and 33 minutes!!  PERHAPS this a warning from God pointing to the soon-to-rise NWO, given that 33 is the NWO’s favorite number.  Also, 3 hours = 180 minutes = (6 + 6 + 6) x 10, or 666.


BEAST WATCH NEWS:  “Huh! Interesting! Ring of fire - NATO Summit - Ring of fire - NATO Summit... Anyone see a connection? I dunno... I'm just sayin'!... These NWO Edomite freaks just LOVE to make plans around the objects in the sky that they worship.”


FROM BELOW ARTICLE:  “Next month's micro-eclipse, more formally known as a transit of Venus, is even rarer. The planet's tiny black disk will march across the sun over the course of several hours (roughly from 6 p.m. ET June 5 to 12:50 a.m. ET June 6). Most of the world will get in on at least part of the show, but the best viewing will be had once again from the Asia-Pacific region. This will be the last transit of Venus most of us will ever get a chance to see: The next one is due in the year 2117!!!!


Venus crosses the Sun on June 6th, 7 days AFTER Pentecost 2012:


BEAST WATCH NEWS:  “The next cycle will then take place either105.5 or 121.5 years later. The event is astoundingly rare because the planet usually passes above or below the sun from our viewpoint. This year's transit is the second in a pair, with the previous one taking place in 2004, making it the last one we'll ever see unless we discover the secret to immortality in the near future. Hmmm.... I wonder what "they" are planning for June 6th? Maybe nothing, maybe something...”


Perhaps the above are just a fluke occurrence, just happening to embrace Pentecost 2012.  Or perhaps try the challenge I made to Randy in a separate post today and see if there is good reason for this occurrence “just happening” to embrace this particular Holy Day in this particular year.


Regardless, it is obvious that the number of days left for us on this decrepit planet shrink after every passing night.  Everything around us is screaming at the fact the Lord is about to call us to home, whisked away in the chariots He made just for us!!


YbiC, MathMan