MathMan (4 May 2012)
"BG Ellis - Your Summary of Certain 2008 - 2015 Events"


Dear BG Ellis & Doves,


I enjoyed reading your summary of certain 2008 – 2015 events:


In particular, I enjoyed your pick up of the Sivan 5, 6, 7 (Pentecost 2012), Rapture = Charity’s Dream possibility.


However, I should point out that I disagree with you that the Great Tribulation began on April 11, 2012, as stated in your post (perhaps by accident?).  Indeed, I do not believe that the Great Tribulation (or any “end-time” related tribulation for that matter) will start until immediately AFTER our Rapture (although the stage setting we are seeing is certain to continue and even intensify).


I instead view April 11, 2012 as the mid-point of the 2520 days from October 29, 2008, the date Obama confirmed the covenant with the many, to September 23, 2015, the Day of Atonement.  I strongly believe that this date was specifically marked by God as one to note with the two biggest Slip Earthquakes in history!!


Here is an interesting side note on these two Slip EQs:  The magnitudes were 8.6 & 8.2, which were BOTH records for Slip EQ magnitudes!!  Not only that, but when you add the .6 and the .2, you get another 8 (0.8)!!  The three 8’s, or 888, imbedded in these two EQs are a symbolic Biblical number, wherein 888 sometimes refers to Jesus and / or New Beginning.  Any way you slice it, both of these massive EQs were highly symbolic!!


Yes, indeed, the time is running short.  To all those who read this, do everything in your power to draw as close as you can to the Lord.  Please do not have Jesus find you being caught up in worldly things.  Instead, store your treasure in heaven while you still can!!


YbiC, MathMan