Mathman (30 May 2012)
"Randy / WhodaThunk:  The 777.68 Point Drop in the DOW revisited!! "


Dear Randy, WhodaThunk & Doves,


You wrote about the mystery of the 777.68 drop in the DOW possibly pointing to a specific date (


There is good reason for this.  It may be pointing us watchers to the TRUE Pentecost date of June 3rd, 2012.


You simply MUST read my other article on this titled, “URGENT:  The Feast of Pentecost Date was OFF BY AN ENTIRE WEEK!!!  Confirmed by JACK KELLEY!!!”!!  Some points related to this drop:


-       The DOW Drop of EXACTLY 777.68 points occurred on September 29, 2008


-       September 29, 2008 is the FEAST OF TRUMPETS!!


-       The Feast of Trumpets officially starts off a Jewish year!!


-       777 could be interpreted as 3 years


-       0.68 could be interpreted as 0.68 of a year


-       3.68 x 365 days per year = 1343 days


-       September 29, 2008 + 1343 days = June 3rd, 2012, the TRUE Pentecost Date!!


Here is a quote from Randy’s original post:  I don't understand the .68 is to .70 thing.  If we go by solar years and take 3 years (365x3=1095), and add the .68 of a year (.68x365=248) we get 1095+248=1343.  When added to 09/29/2008 we come to June 3, 2012.


MYSTERY SOLVED??  Little did we know that these calculations were possibly pointing us to the TRUE Pentecost of June 2nd / 3rd, 2012 as our date of departure!!!!


Keep looking up.  Our redemption draws VERY near!!


YbiC, MathMan