MathMan (1 May 2012)
"Where are we on the 2008 - 2015 Timeline?  An INTERACTIVE UPDATE"


Dear Doves,


THIS MAY END UP BEING THE MOST IMPORTANT POST I HAVE EVER SENT IN TO FIVE DOVES!!  ONLY TIME AND EVENTS WILL CONFIRM IF THIS IS THE CASE!!  Before reading the below, I note that, in order to go through this thoroughly, this will take some time.  However, I STRONGLY feel the understanding that will result from doing so will be well worth your time!!  And so, without further adieu…


After several requests to update where we are on the 2008 – 2015 timeline, I decided that the best approach would be to provide an interactive update.  In other words, I am requesting that the reader be involved in this update.  My experience has been that such involvement allows one to better understand the message, but ALSO allows the potential critic to better visualize exactly where we are coming from in this timeline.


Before we start, you will require some material.  You will need a sharpened pencil (or a pen, for those who do not make many mistakes on visual material), along with a blank piece of ordinary paper.  For those who want to verify the day counts, you may wish to open up a spreadsheet with a date calculator.  For those who want to verify the Hebrew calendar dates, there are many good websites out there that will allow you to do this as well.


So what is the purpose of all of this involvement?  Quite simply, a picture is worth a thousand words.  However, such picture is even better if someone draws their own picture.  On a side note, I sometimes joke that, while a picture is worth a thousand words, a number is worth a thousand pictures J (quiz: therefore, how many words is a number worth? J).


Before proceeding with reading, and drawing, the below, I suggest you do your best to first remove all pre-conceived notions of how a timeline “should look like” based on:


-                     Personal dreams or visions or someone else’s dreams or visions*


-                     Personal confirmations or someone else’s confirmations*


-                     The “requirement” that a certain person or people needs to be in a certain location(s) or doing a certain thing(s) at a certain time(s)*


-                     Pre-conceived notions of how the fall feasts should be fulfilled, etc.*


*   I fully acknowledge that any of these may be VERY important, especially to the individual who received them.  However, these can also be contradictory when viewed in totality from a number of watchers.  These contradictions make it absolutely impossible to reconcile them all.  For example, one may insist that we will have a Spring (or a Thursday) Rapture according to a dream she had, while a different person will insist that we will have a Fall (or a Tuesday) Rapture according to a sign he received, while yet another will insist it can’t be on a certain specific date since a particular seminar by a specific individual may not be taking place on that day.  All of these restrictions / requirements cannot possibly coincide and therefore are absolutely impossible to reconcile.  As a result, only Scripture was used in the timeline as presented below.


I attempted to do this as well.  THEN I went back to the Bible ONLY and mapped out how Actual Events relate to how a timeline COULD look like WITHOUT any pre-conceived notions.


Unfortunately, when using the 2008-2015 timeline as a parameter, it by-passed some of the things I had hoped to see.  For example, I was hoping that a really good explanation of how the Fall Feasts would be satisfied would materialize.  It didn’t!!  Granted, these Fall Feasts will all be satisfied PERFECTLY in some way and at the perfect time as pre-planned by God, but any such “fitting in” to the timeline as outlined below just wasn’t as “obvious” as I would have liked IF we wanted to still keep the 2008 to 2015 timeline (which I feel is still VERY much alive for reasons you will soon illustrate FOR YOURSELF!!).


SIDE NOTE:  Speculation on how these Fall Feasts COULD be satisfied within the below timeline as illustrated will be the subject of a future post.  However, based on discussions with Ron Reese, Gerry Almond and others, there appears to be quite a number of ways they could still be satisfied in the context of this timeline.  However, the actual way will be God’s way, as always, that I can guarantee.  As such, anything presented in the future on this subject would only be just that – speculation.  Educated speculation, but speculation nonetheless.


After releasing myself from all of these ties that could potentially bind the resulting timeline, I was free to listen to what the Bible was PERHAPS showing us (again, we are only human and try to do our best).  The first step was to establish the “anchors” of the timeline.  I will now attempt to adequately explain these “anchors” as they relate to Actual Events.  Indeed, with the passing of more time as we get closer to the end, Progressive Revelation may have now determined how these “anchors” have formed:


-                     ANCHOR 1:  Ron’s Kislev 24 / Gerry’s 120 Year Observation = Eve of Hanukkah 2015, December 6, 2015 / 1st Day of Hanukkah 2015, December 7, 2015:  The very first signal that the Fig Tree was starting to put forth leaves began with the First Zionist Congress that took place from August 29th to 31st, 1897.  Jesus explains in Matthew 24 that this is when the “final countdown” would begin (that generation).  The maximum life (or generation) of a sufficiently large group of people is 120 years and matches modern actuarial tables.  It also matches Genesis 6:3, as well as the length of Moses’ life span.  It is also very important to note that the number 120 means “Divine Period of Probation”.  However, and perhaps even more importantly, there was also a 120 year warning given to Noah until life on earth, as the people of that day knew it, ended!!  This is analogous to the beginning of the Millennium, when life on earth, as those left behind know it just before it starts, will end with the Second Coming of Jesus.  The Lord said His return would be “as in the days of Noah”, so why couldn’t this same 120 year time span from “warning to a new beginning” apply yet again today?  So then, when one adds 120 years x 360 day prophetic years, equal to 43,200 days, to August 29, 1897, it lands PRECISELY on the 1st day of Hanukkah 2015, equal to December 7, 2015.  The day before this, December 6, 2015, is the day I have assumed that the Anti-Christ and his army will be defeated, which is also Kislev 24 AND Hanukkah Eve, thereby matching the dates to watch as specified by God in Haggai THREE SEPARATE TIMES.  As such, this forms an “anchor” for the timeline in that this is the day the Anti-Christ’s 1260 day reign was assumed to end and the set up of the Millennium would begin!!  Working backwards, this would mean the Anti-Christ’s 1260 day reign would begin on June 25, 2012.


-                     ANCHOR 2:  The 49 Year Jubilee Period of Leviticus = Day of Atonement 2015, September 23, 2015:  While Ron, Gerry and I had originally believed that the Day of Atonement 2015 would be the day that the Anti-Christ’s 1260 day reign would end, the fact that April 11, 2012 has now come and gone means that this end date for Obama’s reign is no longer feasible.  That being said, the TWO largest slip Earthquakes in HISTORY both happened on April 11th, confirming this to be an important date.  However, when you look at the TRUE purpose of the Leviticus Jubilee, it is specified that the Day of Atonement represents the BEGINNING of the time of returning of property to the original owner.  Therefore, when one adds 49 years x 360 days to the last time Jerusalem changed hands on June 7, 1967, this equals the Day of Atonement 2015, September 23, 2015.  Rather then the end of the 1260 day reign, this date instead represents the earliest start for the turnover that MUST be completed before the Feast of Trumpets 2016.  The timeline, as outlined below, satisfies this constraint.


-       ANCHOR 3:  The Final Seven Year Sabbatical Period started on Feast of Trumpets, September 29, 2008:  Another anchor is the confirmation that the Final 7 Year Sabbatical Period began on the Feast of Trumpets 2008, equal to September 29, 2008.  This also points to the same Day of Atonement 2015 as ANCHOR 2!!  Many believe that the DOW market index drop of 777.68 points, the largest point drop in history (and still is), was a signal that this would be the final Sabbatical Period.  The number 777 is a special number in the Bible representing completion of God’s perfect plan.  In addition, the 777 could represent the three sets of seven judgments outlined in Revelation.  Interestingly, the 0.68, equal to 0.7 rounded, could also represent the mysterious 7 thunders (the drop also equated to a 7% decrease).  While some may say that the DOW is merely a U.S. based index, the ENTIRE world invests HEAVILY in this market; one of the most traded and well known indexes in the entire world.  This particular index is also looked to as a general indicator of optimism in the future of society (it is well known that stock market values are based on half emotion and half logic).


-           ANCHOR 4:  The Final Seven Years started on October 29, 2008:  Ron has contended for years that then-President-elect Barack Obama’s October 29, 2008 30 minute infomercial started the Final Seven Years.  I agree.  Indeed, the fact that October 29, 2008 was an EXTREMELY important starting point of the Final Seven Years was more than confirmed in the stars as per Kevin Heckle’s amazing observations of the Beast leaving the appropriate constellation at the EXACT time that Obama’s speech began at 8pm EST (which, by the way, is midnight Universal time, or “Stonehenge time”!!) that very evening!!


-                     ANCHOR 5:  While the Final Seven Years began on October 29, 2008, it is interesting to note that there is also 2520 days from January 20, 2009 to the 8th Day of Hanukkah 2015, December 14, 2015:  Daniel 9 outlined six steps that have to be completed until all prophecy is fulfilled.  That last step in the six steps will be the anointing of the Most Holy.  The last day of Hanukkah would be a logical date for the anointing of the Most Holy, Jesus, to be completed, thereby, in turn, completing the final step of six steps outlined in Daniel 9.  It is interesting to note that, from the time Obama was given the “keys” to the nukes on January 20, 2009 (his Inauguration Day) to December 14, 2015 is EXACTLY 2520 days.  Could this be a secondary “shadow fulfillment” of the 2520 days that run from October 29, 2008 (Obama’s “CONFIRMATION” with the many”) to September 23, 2015 (the Day of Atonement as outlined in Leviticus)?  Why not?


-                     ANCHOR 6:  120 Days from the “Final Altar Call” to “Gog” being confirmed king of “Magog” PLUS 21 Day Delay as per Daniel:  Tim Tebow and the Broncos compiled seven separate statistics of 3:16 that sent the world into a Bible reading frenzy!!  This SIGNIFICANT EVENT (IMO) occurred on January 8, 2012.  For three days after January 8th, the verse that saves, John 3:16, was the number one search item on Google!!  Souls were saved because of it (as reported on even secular sources)!!  On a separate, but related note, 120 days is considered an ultimate period of judgment (3 x 40 days each).  Now watch this!!  When 120 days (the number of divine judgment as outlined above) is added to January 8, 2012, this date lands EXACTLY on May 7, 2012.  May 7, 2012 is the inauguration date that will reinstate Vladimir Putin as the President of Russia!!  In turn, it is MANY scholars’ opinion that Putin will be THE Gog that leads the Islamic Horde on Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 / 39 (and I agree with them), thereby “awakening” the Jews to the end-times and to God’s Ultimate Power.  God will then turn His attention back to the Jews, using Gog as His tool, and if then, this timing would be perfect!!  Is May 7th the day that the call for the Bride begins, starting a 21 Day fight in heaven for His Bride (as with Gabriel in Daniel)?  If so, 21 days inclusive lands precisely on Pentecost 2012, May 26/27!!  In turn, Pentecost is a day many scholars, including Jack Kelley, believe would be the ideal day for the Rapture, IF it were to land on any particular Jewish Holy Day!!


In no way am I date-setting, but I will be upfront about this.  I also agree that Pentecost would be a logical time for the Rapture in ANY year, but for reasons outlined above and below, 2012 in particular.  The reasons for Pentecost are many, both qualitatively AND quantitatively.  However, MANY articles have been written about this and I won’t be elaborating on a Pentecost Rapture in this article, except in summary format.


However, for the purpose of having you draw out this timeline, and given the perfection of how Pentecost would fit (kind of like Luis Vegas’ amazing chart), I have ASSUMED IN THIS TIMELINE THAT the Rapture MAY occur on Pentecost 2012.  AGAIN, I AM NOT DATE-SETTING, just trying to illustrate a watch date with potential to be our long-awaited marriage date to the Ultimate Groom!!


Before we continue, I would like to thank you for your patience in getting this far in the article.  NOW the fun part starts.  Place your paper in front of you in landscape format (greatest width) and get ready to use your pencil!!  The first thing to do is place the following seven date posts at the top of your paper, with these seven points moving from left to right on your page (you may have to write small, with text for each taking up several lines):


1)                September 29, 2008:  Day 1 of the Final Seven Year Sabbatical Period; 777.7, 7% DOW Drop; Feast of Trumpets; ANCHOR 3


2)                October 29, 2008:  Covenant by Obama; Start of Daniel’s 70th Week; Kevin Heckle’s amazing Beast confirmation in the stars; ANCHOR 4


Above these two, label this “START”.  Then leave a bit of space before the third point:


3)                April 11, 2012:  Day 1 of Final 1335 Days; Largest Slip Earthquake in history; Mid-First Passover; ANCHOR 2


4)                May 27, 2012:  Rapture / Sudden Destruction?; Pentecost; ANCHOR 6


5)                June 25, 2012:  Start of Satan’s 1260 Day Reign?; Second Pentecost?; ANCHOR 1


Above these three, label this “MID”.  The leave a bit of space before the sixth point:


6)                September 23, 2015:  Day of Atonement; Day 1 of Final 75 Days; ANCHOR 2


7)                December 6 / 7, 2015:  Kislev 24 / Hanukkah; AC destroyed; Millennium Set Up; ANCHORS 1 & 5


Above these two, label this “END”.  You should have spaced it to take up the whole top from left to right, all seven points one after another.


Now that you have these seven points, we will soon be drawing the lines to the chart, all revolving around 1260 days, 1290 days or 1335 days.  In turn, the days counts are based on the following three Scripture verses:


-                     Daniel 9:27, And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” (one week = 2520 days, midst or half = 1260 days)


-                     Daniel 12:11 Part A, “And from the time that the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.” (1290 days)


-                     Daniel 12:11 Part B, “And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.” (1290 days)


-                     Daniel 12:12, “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.”  (1335 days)


With the above in mind, we are now ready to draw our four lines:


-                     LINE 1:  First, put in three large dots:  One at September 29, 2008, one at April 11, 2012 & one at December 6 / 7, 2015.  Second, draw a line through the three dots.  Third, under the first part of the line, label “1290 Days – Daniel 12:11 Part A”.  Fourth, under the second part of the line, label “1335 Days – Daniel 12:12 Part C”.


-                     LINE 2:  First, put in three large dots:  One at September 29, 2008, one at May 27, 2012 & one at December 6 / 7, 2015.  Second, draw a line through the three dots.  Third, under the first part of the line, label “1335 Days – Daniel 12:12 Part A”.  Fourth, under the second part of the line, label “1290 Days – Daniel 12:11 Part B”.


-                     LINE 3:   First, put in three large dots:  One at October 29, 2008, one at April 11, 2012 & one at September 23, 2015.  Second, draw a line through the three dots.  Third, under the first part of the line, label “1260 Days – Daniel 9:27 Part A”.  Fourth, under the second part of the line, label “1260 Days – Daniel 9:27 Part B”.


-                     LINE 4:  First, put in three large dots:  One at October 29, 2008, one at June 25, 2012 & one at December 6 / 7, 2015.  Second, draw a line through the three dots.  Third, under the first part of the line, label “1335 Days – Daniel 12:12 Part B”.  Fourth, under the second part of the line, label “1260 Days – Daniel 9:27 Part C”.


CONGRATULATIONS!!  You now have your very own personally drawn chart.  You will notice that there are 8 separate labels, 2 on each timeline.  While looking at your fancy new chart at the same time, look at the explanations of each of these 8 separate labels as provided below:


-                     Line 1:  1290 Days - Daniel 12:11 Part A, “And from the time that the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.”:  The Bible indicates that the root of MOST evil is money.  While money itself is not evil, what people do for money can often be EXTREMELY evil.  In the end days, money will be THE key to world domination by the Anti-Christ.  This is all being set up by the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, a crisis that continues to this day.  It is a proven fact that most People will trade their freedom away for peace and security.  The Bible states that this will indeed happen in the near future in no uncertain terms.  In exchange for this “peace and security”, people will be willing to do anything, including using a NEW FORM of money.  That being the Number of the Beast, wherein no man or woman will be able to purchase ANYTHING, including food, without it.  The Global Financial Crisis essentially began to REALLY take hold on September 29, 2008, culminating in a symbolic 777.7, 7% drop in the DOW, still the largest point drop in history.  The set up for the future abomination of the temple of the Holy Spirit (our bodies) with the Mark of the Beast began (or was “set up”) on this day, right on the Feast of Trumpets, which signals the beginning of a Jewish year and, in this case, the beginning of the Final Seven Year Sabbatical Period.  In other words, the 1290 days that began on September 29, 2008 ends PRECISELY on April 11, 2012, the beginning of the Final 1335 Days before the Millennium.


-                     Line 1:  1335 Days - Daniel 12:12 Part C, “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.”:  This part of the timeline applies ONLY to those who will be left behind.  In this scenario, the Great Tribulation would start on the Rapture date, assumed in this timeline to be on May 27, 2012, with the final 1335 days starting 45 days before this.  Since the Bride will soon be Raptured, the only ones that can still be blessed at this point will be those left behind.  In other words, the Bride will now be in New Jerusalem and can’t be blessed in the future as we will already be CONTINUOUSLY AND COMPLETELY blessed by being in the Lord’s presence from the day of the Rapture on (oh glorious day!!).  Therefore, in this timeline, the Sheep Goat Judgment ends on December 6, 2015.  For those left behind, only those who are deemed to be sheep at the end of this judgment will be blessed enough to witness the anointing, which begins on December 7, 2015.  Therefore, in this possible scenario / timeline, the very last sheep will not be set aside from the goats until the end of the Sheep Goat Judgment that ends on December 6, 2015.  From April 11, 2012 to December 6, 2015, there is EXACTLY 1335 days, inclusive!!  In other words, for anyone who makes it to the end of the 1335 days from April 11, 2012 until the sheep are separated from the goats AND turned to the Lord during that time AND rejected the Mark of the Beast, what a blessed day that will be for them (and a miracle of survival to boot)!!


-                     Line 2:  1335 Days - Daniel 12:12 Part A, “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.”:  This part of the timeline applies ONLY to the Bride, to us who will be Raptured just before the Great Tribulation.  In this 1335 day period from September 29, 2008 to May 27, 2012, some of the Bride will die before the Rapture, perhaps even as a result of persecution depending on where one lives.  Regardless, some of the Bride will still have to experience death during this period.  However, for those who “waiteth and cometh” to the end of the 1335 days will be Raptured!!  In other words, they will NEVER have to experience death!!  They will be taken out of the Great Tribulation, never having to experience the terror that will soon swallow the earth.   From September 29, 2008 to May 27, 2012, Feast of Trumpets 2008 to Pentecost 2012, there is EXACTLY 1335 days, inclusive!!  In other words, for anyone who makes it to the end of the 1335 days from September 29, 2008 to May 27, 2012 (Pentecost Rapture?), what a blessed day that will be for them (I believe I speak for all of you when I say that we will consider ourselves EXTREMELY blessed times a trillion)!!


-                     Line 2:  1290 Days - Daniel 12:11 Part B, “And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.”:  According to the Bible, one of the first things the NWO will do once they take global power during the Great Tribulation (Post-Rapture) is to mercilessly pursue both the Jews and the Christians into hiding.  A modern day “Final Solution to the Jewish / Christian Question” – this will be worse than what happened during the Nazi-era to the Jews and other “undesirables”.  Obama’s Satanic-possessed rage at all things Bible-related will become completely transparent at this point, escalating exponentially with his possession by Satan on June 25, 2012, coinciding with being crowned the “head of the world”.  The Rapture on May 27, 2012 would be seen as “the Jews and Christians fault”.  Through the resulting persecution, the NWO would thereby force secret worship.  COMBINING this later persecution with the earlier Rapture of the Bride, one could easily view this day as “taking away the Daily Sacrifices”.  Interestingly, 1290 days from May 27, 2012 lands PRECISELY on December 6 / 7, 2015, the start of the Millennium in this timeline!!


-                     Line 3:  1260 Days – Daniel 9:27 Part A:  The “staging” for the reign of the Anti-Christ has stepped into overdrive since Obama confirmed the covenant with the many on October 29, 2008.  However, the implementation of Executive Orders and other infringements on personal freedoms have escalated greatly in recent times.  The mid-point of the Final Seven Years, accentuated by the largest Slip Earthquake in HISTORY, occurred on April 11, 2012.  From October 29, 2008 to April 11, 2012 is EXACTLY 1260 days.


-                     Line 3:  1260 Days – Daniel 9:27 Part B:  The beginning of the final 75 days (1335 – 1260) commences on the Day of Atonement, September 23, 2015, and will last until December 6 / 7, 2015.  While I am not sure how this period will actually unfold, I suspect things will be going from bad to worse for Obama and his NWO henchmen during these 75 days.  I will speculate no further on how this will transpire, other than we all know that God is in COMPLETE control and certainly will be during this horrendous time.  The mid-point, accentuated by the largest Slip Earthquake in HISTORY as mentioned above, occurred on April 11, 2012.  From April 11, 2012 to September 23, 2015 is EXACTLY 1260 days.


-                     Line 4:  1335 Days - Daniel 12:12 Part B, “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.”:  This part of the timeline applies ONLY to those who will be left behind AND MAY be used as part of the Great Deception.  In other words, due to this possible deception, this 1335 days will NOT end in a blessing!!  As outlined in the next point, June 25, 2012 is the date Obama begins his reign as the now Satan-possessed Anti-Christ, and recently anointed official world ruler.  Flash backwards 1335 days, and you land on October 29, 2008, the date Obama originally confirmed his covenant with the many.  Given the Anti-Christ’s never ending desire to be “as god”, it is possible that Obama could TWIST this Scripture to say that it was referring to him.  In other words, to say that those who weren’t “cursed” by being Raptured (who knows how the NWO will explain the Rapture, but it won’t be positive) will have been “BLESSED” to see him begin his reign (in other words, good will be seen as bad and bad as good during these terrible days).  This kind of arrogance has already been seen by this evil man over and over again (as Michelle has lied, he personally believes that he has already started leading us out of the darkness and into the light)!!  From October 29, 2008 to June 25, 2012 is EXACTLY 1335 days.


-                     Line 4:  1260 Days – Daniel 9:27 Part C:  As outlined above, a logical date for the Anti-Christ’s reign to end would be on Hanukkah Eve, Kislev 24, an important date to WATCH (and UPWARD) as God indicated THREE SEPARATE TIMES in Haggai.  In 2015, Kislev 24 lands on December 6, 2015.  EXACTLY 1260 days prior to December 6, 2015 lands on June 25, 2012.  Therefore, June 25, 2012 would be the day that Obama’s reign as the Anti-Christ would begin in this scenario.  From June 25, 2012 to December 6 / 7, 2015 is EXACTLY 1260 days.  Given the Illuminati’s obsession with cult sacrifice on solstices, this would actually fit in nicely with a fake assassination on the Summer Solstice on June 21st, with a fake resurrection just before being crowned on June 25th, cheered on by an adoring, lost and fearful throng.


Here are two additional thoughts on the above timeline you just patiently drew (or at least I hope you did!! – don’t cheatJ):


-                     1290 + 1335 Days Fit PERFECTLY:  From September 29, 2008 to December 6 / 7, 2015, there is exactly 1290 + 1335 days!!  This exact number of days does not fit in this perfectly again for another 14 years, until September 25, 2022 to December 2, 2029 to be specific!!


-                     Significant Events also fit PERFECTLY:  Significant events that have ALREADY occurred tie in to the EXACT days in this possible timeline (details as outlined above – quick summary only):


1.       The First Zion Congress that established Israel on April 29, 1897 + 120 Years x 360 days = December 6 / 7, 2015


2.       The Jewish conquest of Jerusalem on June 7, 1967 + 49 Years x 360 days = September 23, 2015


3.       777.7, 7% DOW Drop on the Feast of Trumpets September 29, 2008 + (1290 + 1335) days = December 6 / 7, 2015


4.       Confirming of the Covenant with the Many by Obama on October 29, 2008 + 1 Week x 2520 days = September 23, 2015


5.       Crowning of Obama as king of the most powerful country in the world on January 20, 2009 + 1 Week x 2520 days = December 14, 2015


6.       Tim Tebow’s John 3:16 “Final Altar Call” on January 8, 2012 + 120 days (May 7th = Putin / Gog’s inauguration) + 21 days of Daniel inclusive = May 27, 2012


7.       Largest Slip Earthquake in HISTORY marking mid-point on April 11, 2012 + 1260 days = September 23, 2015


I am not just picking and choosing the above dates to make things fit!!  These are THE major Jerusalem-related events.  In addition, these are THE major Anti-Christ-related events.  I haven’t left any dates out simply to “prove a point”.  Instead, this illustrates “Progressive Revelation” at its finest.


God told Daniel thru Gabriel, “Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end”.  We should believe God when He told us this thru His prophet.  But instead, why do so many continue to believe that everything will unfold exactly as the common, and now dated, modern interpretations say they will, some of which have been around for decades?


Ironically, Sir Isaac Newton was one of the only people to ever get the above right BEFORE Israel even came back, even pinpointing Jerusalem as the ULTIMATE timeline indicator via the Jubilee 49 year period.  Perhaps it was because the modern experts wouldn’t have been around to tell Sir Isaac that he was wrong because he wasn’t listening to their commonly accepted and POPULAR interpretations instead.


That being said, perhaps some of you may still have the following question.  Could this same timeline have instead started one, two or three years later?  To answer this, let us review what events happened on any one of September 18, 2009, October 18, 2009, September 8, 2010, October 8, 2010, September 28, 2011 and October 28, 2011 in order for this to be a possibility?  The ANSWER:  Nothing nearly as significant as the events as illustrated above!!


“Quantitative Reasons” why Pentecost 2012 is my favorite Watch Date:  Besides the abundance of mathematical reasons, timelines, etc. outlined above, there appears to be some unfinished business to be completed by Jesus.  Jesus PERSONALLY completed the first three Jewish Feasts with His death and resurrection.  However, the Holy Spirit came down on Pentecost, but this wasn’t Jesus PERSONALLY completing this Feast.  Given that the next step in a “man’s” life is to take a bride, Pentecost would seem the PERFECT time for Jesus to take His Bride on that day.  This would therefore mean that Jesus would PERSONALLY fulfill this Feast (and would ALSO match the believed timing of Enoch’s birth and Rapture, as well as Boaz’ marriage to Ruth, both of which are considered types of the Church / Bride in the Old Testament).


However, what is ALSO EXTREMELY interesting about this day is that there is an Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20th!!  In other words, this celestial event takes place EXACTLY one week before May 27th!!  What is interesting about an Annular Eclipse is that it is sometimes called the “Wedding Ring Eclipse”, names as such because the Sun’s edges forms a perfect circle of bright light around the moon!!  Wouldn’t this be perfectly appropriate if the Rapture was to occur shortly thereafter, perhaps as a one week “Noah” warning to the unsaved (and a one week ANNOUNCEMENT to US!!)??


In addition to this possible “sign in the sky”, there are an abundance of other qualitative reasons why Pentecost is a Great Day for a wedding.  However, that is not the purpose of this post and MANY have already written extensively about Pentecost as possible being THE day for our Wedding.  You can easily find many of these articles right here on Five Doves, some written this year.


CONCLUSION:  IF Pentecost 2012 (May 26th / 27th) turns out to be the day of our long-awaited Departure (I don’t KNOW), then that means we only have around 25 days to go.  However, should the Lord keep the ark open right up until June 25th (assuming that the 2008-2015 timeline stands) then we still don’t have much more time before we fly (only 55 days or less to go).  Regardless, all signs certainly seem to be pointing to our soon Departure.


May the Lord’s tarrying soon end and may we all soon meet in the sky to be with Him forever and ever.  MARANATHA!!


YbiC, MathMan