Marilyn Agee (18 May 2012)
"Clay Cantrell (17 May 2012) "Bob Ware & Myself: Same Dream, Same Night""

From: Marilyn Agee
I rather think that the dead in Christ got their resurrection bodies on April 8, 2012, Easter/Firstfruits. These do not both fall on the same day again until 2015.

Readers -

Bob Ware and I are good email friends and have been for many years. I discovered his Bible Number web site pretty soon after 12/97, and we got to corresponding via email. We chat back and forth every week about numbers but also about personal matters.

Bob has recently been having dreams about dead family members of his; seeing them again, which he has posted some about.

Both of our mothers are deceased, and have been for many years.

In the early morning of Thursday 5.16.12 we both had a dream about the identical subject: Our mothers returning home.

here is Bob's dream:

"Last night I dreamed about my Mother and brother Lloyd again. My Mother had come home from a stay in a care home. She was driving her own car. She had been in and out of nursing homes from various illnesses, but she was never able to drive herself home. I can't explain why I am having such a cluster of my deceased relatives coming home, except to see this as signs of the dead in Christ rising soon."

I was stunned to read this as I had a duplicate dream about my mother returning to her home the same night (early morning). Here is my dream:

"I was in my old home, in my mother's kitchen. After she died, things were changed in the house, including the kitchen. My mother suddenly appeared in that kitchen with a big smile on her face. Looking around she noticed the changes I had made and she remarked, "This place sure looks different!" We both knew in the dream that she did not live there anymore. I knew she had come from somewhere out of town. Glad to see her, but puzzled, I asked her, "Are you staying in a hotel?"

I then woke up. Like Bob's mother, my mother did not drive for many years before she died. My mother died in a nursing home.

I asked Bob in my reply to his email, "I wonder what the Lord is doing?"

This sort of thing has never happen to me before. The Lord is surely up to something! Maybe Bob is right - the dead in Christ rise soon.

Jesus is Lord.