Leigh (28 May 2012)

John and Doves, I think it was K S Rajan who sent in a link of the clock of Gods Timeline. Later I discovered it somewhere else and was amazed that this man says he was caught up in the Spirit and we are now exactly at midnight when the cry goes out that the Paralambano will take place. After reading it carefully it was as if all of a sudden the resurrection at the last trump and the Rapture BEFORE the tribulation make sense. Has anybody read it and what do you think? According to him the Wedding Ceremony in heaven will take place this year in October.  I emailed him and he says all will happen as described.  That means the Paralambano will happen any second now and the CATCHING AWAY in 2016.  He says we must pray to be counted worthy Luke 24 verse 36. Dr Owuor gets one after the other prophecy now and it looks like we are almost out of here. See you all SOON....... GLORY TO OUR GOD ALMIGHTY!!!  Leigh Australia.