Kari (16 May 2012)
"re Jean S's post"


Interesting also is that Ashkenazi Jews say it's the first day between Pesach and Lag Ba Omer (33 day of counting of omer) to get the opportunity to be married. It is here, from wikipedia:



Lag BaOmer is a popular day for weddings among Ashkenazi Jews (Sephardi Jews hold weddings on Lad BaOmer, the 34th day of the Omer). For those who do not conduct celebrations between Pesach and Lag BaOmer, the date often marks the first opportunity for a wedding in the spring or early summer.[


Satan is the ultimate deceiver and this was a direct affront to Him who sits on the throne.


The article on wikipedia also states something interesting in relation to kabbalah:

Lag BaOmer has another significance based on the kabbalistic custom of assigning a Sefirah to each day and week of the Omer count. The first week corresponds to Chesed, the second week to Gevurah, etc., and similarly, the first day of each week corresponds to Chesed, the second day to Gevurah, etc. Thus, the 33rd day, which is the fifth day of the fifth week, corresponds to Hod she-be-Hod (Splendor within [the week of] Splendor). As such, Lag BaOmer represents the level of spiritual manifestation or Hod that would precede the more physical manifestation of the 49th day (Malkhut she-be-Malkhut, Kingship within [the week of] Kingship), which immediately precedes the holiday of Shavuot.


So with the deeper meaning of that day in particular in mind, let us consider:

1) did he choose that day in relation to the kabbalah as it is the first day in which kabbalists and ashkenazi Jews are given opportunity to marry?

2) an affront to Jehovah God as it's preparation (the time of counting the omer) as Jean mentioned to THE MARRIAGE.

3)The sefirac (is that a word?) meaning is that it's the spiritual manifestation preceding the physical.