Jill Hart (8 May 2012)

Amen sister...one way to tell if  you are in a spiritual battle is to see if you have wounds! One does not "work" or "battle" without something to show for it.  I have been at battle over a demonic strong hold here where I live on behalf of a dear sister in Christ. In the Three days since I have started, (and this will be a very long battle) all kinds of nasty stuff has come my way.  It is totally recognizable as demonic. Even my children are rebuking the demons in Jesus' name.

Prayer is powerful because God is powerful. God didn't send us here to have a cushie life, he sent  us here to fulfill His purpose for us.

I won't even start into my tirade on churches in the US, whether prosperity, austerity, or patriotically bent, they just seem to all be some version of a cult.  We would be better served if the pastors would just stand up and read from the Bible for an hour on Sunday, then to listen to the tripe and "interpretation" delivered up as a "sermon". Honestly, more people would be saved and find answers to their problems.

Okay, getting off my soap box.

The beginning of our eternity in the presence of our Lord is near,