Gerry Almond (15 May 2012)
"The sacred feasts point to Pentecost, this year."

This is how the fulfillment of the seven sacred feasts of Israel are now playing out.  These are the seven in our language:

Unleavened Bread
First Fruits
It seems that we must at least considered an eighth, which is a “replacement for the seventh?  I really think so, because of the history and attitude of the Jews toward the eighth, Hanukkah.  From 166 B. C. and on, slowly but surely, the Jews could not tell the difference between Tabernacles and Hanukkah.  By the time of Jesus birth, they favored Hanukkah much more than Tabernacles.  As a matter of fact, many of the attendees at Tabernacles would stay the sixty days until Hanukkah rather than travel back to their homes.  I was intrigued by this so I acquired a book titled “The Feasts of Israel” in which a Jewish rabbi explained why the above became so.  In my study of the two feasts, Tabernacles compared to Hanukkah, however, among other differences, there is at least ONE major difference.  First, I need to relist the feasts and then here is my take on that difference.

The revised list:

Passover                                        fulfilled
Unleavened Bread                        fulfilled
First Fruits                                    fulfilled
Pentecost                                       fulfilled partially.
Trumpets                                       not fulfilled
Atonement                                     not fulfilled
Tabernacles                                   not to be fulfilled
Hanukkah                                      not fulfilled

Here is what I am proposing and what I now believe.  Since the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost 32, He will stay until Pentecost 2012.  The total fulfillment of Pentecost will take 1,980 solar years to fulfill and will consummate May 26/27.  The remaining feasts will be fulfilled AFTER the great tribulation has done what God has predetermined that it will do, and one of those things is to awaken Israel and have her return and claim her land.

So what about the remaining feasts?  Trumpets is Jewish New Year.  Atonement follows that by ten days. But O my, the last feast, Tabernacles, and especially the last day, day seven, of Tabernacles, which in practice saw the booths that had been constructed before the first day, torn down has a real message in it.  The booth represented their bodies which would be dissolved at the rapture.  It saw the worshipers gather behind twenty four concourses of priests having silver trumpets and while they blew them, the worshippers followed them across the Court of the Gentiles to the great Eastern Gate of the Temple.  Twenty five men opened the great gates and the marchers went through the Gate into the Valley of Kidron, and from thence, to their homes.  THIS WAS AN O. T. PICTURE OF THE RAPTURE.  I believe that it would have occurred for Israel, had they not rejected their Messiah.  I believe that God, knowing that they would do so, gave them a “replacement feast” called Hanukkah, which had elements of Tabernacles in it but NOT THE
RAPTURE PICTURE.  Thus when God said that He was weary of their feasts and new moons because with their lips they were close to Him, but with their hearts they were far away, He set up the establishment of Hanukkah, a lesser Tabernacles 198 years before Christ would die on the cross.  He then sent His Son, Jesus Christ as a human and fulfilled the first four of the sacred feasts, which then did away with the need for them forever.

On the fourth feast, Pentecost, He breathed the Holy Spirit into the 3,000 saved people in Jerusalem and the Church was born.  This established the Age of Grace, or the Church Age.  Pentecost has been “frozen in time” ever since.

There therefore only now remains the fulfillment of the last three sacred feasts plus the eighth, Hanukkah.  In the timeline set up by the tetrads of eclipses and begun October 29, 2008, the end of that period will be December 7, 2015.  That is the feast of Hanukkah, the eighth feast, the replacement for Tabernacles.  Do you see?  This means that the last FOUR feasts have their fulfillment when Jesus returns as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  That is what I believe.

Thus, we see one major point on the Feast of Trumpets, 2015, the next point on the Feast of Atonement 2015, but NO point of what would be the Feast of Tabernacles.  Instead the end point is the Feast of Hanukkah, 2015, the possible replacement for Tabernacles.  Instead of the rapture, their deliverance is to be the Kingdom Age.  And as Mathman has pointed out, the 7th day of Hanukkah may complete the crowning of Messiah as King of Kings.

The work of Brother Ron Reese whose website
 tells the story of how his work came about.  Mathman, a frequent poster on 5 doves also has a great handle on the timing.  But most have missed the important fact that the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost 32 and apparently will hold the feast of Pentecost in suspension for 1,980 years before leaving and thereby taking the Church with Him this very Pentecost.  This feast has lasted without interruption for 1,980 years, it seems.  If this is so, then the rapture will be on Pentecost, this year.

Glory to God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit forever and forever.


Gerry Almond