Dave Baxter (12 May 2012)
"May 20th"

Dear Doves
Like many people, I'm a regular reader of this site but I don't often post.
I am sometimes asked to teach at my church in Oxford and toward the end of last year, I began to get the impression, after praying about what subject to teach on, that I should prepare a study entitled "As in the Days of Noah". I've been working on this talk for months and I've examined it from various aspects such as communication, languge  and travel; estimated population at the time prior to the flood; the spiritual state of the people; a comparison of the character and attitude of Noah compared with Lot; the corruption of the flesh; corruption of the mind and the need for holiness in the last days as we prepare for the rapture. As we like to publish the teaching schedule up to two months in advance, I had to let my pastor decide when I was to teach. He gave me a date a couple of months ago - Sunday May 20th.
I can't help but wonder if this is significant as it gives me the opportunity to mention a possible count-down to Pentecost. It's also the day of the eclipse. I wanted to show the path of this special annular eclipse and noticed that it starts in Indonesia, moves over Japan and across the Pacific making landfall in Northern California USA. I couldn't help but notice how the trajectory seemed to trace the Pacific Plate - the so called "ring of fire". Again, I wonder if this could be a sign of impending seismic activity either in Japan or possibly on the West coast of the USA.
We certainly live in interesting times...
Dave Baxter