BG Ellis (3 May 2012)
"Solving Charity’s Dream and WOW Mathman - excellent post!  Talk about progressive revelation!"


It amazes me how that the closer we get to the Rapture Date, the more “progressive revelation” comes out as to the timing of the big event.  The thing that really made me look closer to Pentecost 2012 as the time of our departure was the exact day counts in our timeline of 2008 to 2015 to specific events.  Don’t forget, I have been a strong proponent since 2007 that The Rapture must occur on Rosh Hashanah of some year, just like Mark Blitz teaches.  However, when April 11th came this year with awesome earthquake signs (however with no Rapture or Antichrist) it made me reassess some things and posted this:


Then Mathman came out with his excellent post (SEE THIS: that expounded on my post.  Several things I want to clarify and now after Mathman’s post, it makes perfect sense:


1.   From April 11th 2012 to September 23rd 2015 are the dates of the Great Tribulation (1,260 days).


2.   September 23rd 2015 is the date that Jesus returns at Armageddon (Revelation 19:19-21) and The Beast, False Prophet, and all who have received the Mark of The Beast are cast into the Lake of Fire.


3.   From June 25th 2012 to December 7th 2015 (1,260 days) is the time period that The Devil enters the body of the Antichrist to the day that he is locked up in the bottomless pit for 1,000 years (Revelation 20:1-3).  You will notice that from Revelation 19 to Revelation 20 there is a time gap (75 days in our timeline).  The same day that Jesus Christ is being crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords, there is an angel locking up The Devil in the bottomless pit for 1,000 years.


4.   The day count of 1,335 days when counted from September 29th 2008 (The start of Daniel’s 70th week) to May 26th 2015 (the exact start of Pentecost and the start of the two day time frame for the Rapture) really did it for me.  However, I asked The Lord for further conformation and The Holy Spirit has brought to my remembrance: Charity’s Dream (SEE THIS POST: ).  In her dream she heard a countdown of: “5, 6, 7, JESUS!”  And with each JESUS she saw the door of Noah’s Ark being shut with a loud BANG.  This countdown kept repeating over and over and the JESUS and BANG of the closing of the Ark door happened at the same time.  My interpretation of the dream was this: You would have a day countdown beginning at the 5th day of the month to the 7th day of the month and The Rapture would occur before the beginning of the 8th day.  Pentecost 2012 starts at sundown on Saturday, May 26th and ends at sundown on Monday, May 28th at the time that Tuesday, May 29th starts.  (NOTE: This is Jewish Time keeping from Jerusalem perspective).  In looking up the Jewish Calendar (SEE THIS:, I was shocked to learn that May 26th (The Start of Pentecost) corresponded to Sivan 5th and May 28th (The end of Pentecost) corresponded to Sivan 7th.  WOW!!  Coincidence?  I do not think so!  So Charity’s Dream would look like this: Sivan 5, Sivan 6, Sivan 7, JESUS (Rapture)!


The odds of all of these signs appearing by chance are just completely not feasible.  Some of these signs will not occur again for 12,000 years.  Get this; there is even a Quadri – Polar sun shift set to occur in May that will not occur again for 300 years!  I am preparing a further analysis on this in a later post.


IN SUMMARY:  Make sure you are ready to go in The Rapture!  Doves, I am not going to miss The Rapture!  This life is the final exam for eternity and I am passing and taking as many as possible with me to Heaven.


Here is what I am doing on a daily basis to make sure I am counted worthy to make The Rapture:


1.   I am saying these Repentance Prayers 3 times a day: SEE THIS:


2.   I am taking Personal Communion at least 5 times a day: SEE THIS: