Mary Anna (31 May 2011)
"Jean Stepnoski (30 May 2011)   "The Ruling of the Sadducees""

Hi Jean.

 May I ask, are you a Sunday School teacher or Bible teacher?  If not, you should be!    This article was quite clear and easy to understand!  Thanks.

 On another note, you are following the reasoning that The Blessed Hope this year looks quite good for Ascension Day falling between June 1 and 3.  That goes along with the 153 fish caught in John 21:11, making it likely that it's 153 days to the rapture from the beginning of this year. That number is only mentioned once specifically in the Bible (to my knowledge), and meant nothing.  Hopefully it means now to be the Greatest Event in History since Christ rose from the dead!   We'll know in just days!

     Great article!
     Mary Anna
                           (Good Lord Willing, we'll very soon be on our way with Him to Heaven!)