TH (28 March 2013)



First things first!  I don't share the common (popular) belief that
suddenly ALL believers will instantly vanish , leaving their clothes in a
pile, their cars to crash, and etc. There may be some of that, but I hold
with the notion that it will be on an individual basis as are our relationship
is on an individual and personal basis.  We are given to understand that
there are DIFFERENT levels of FAITH and it is on that tenet that I
base my belief that not ALL will be raptured in the same manner.

         "then those who are ALIVE and REMAIN will be caught up with
them in the clouds" Everyone seems to ignore the words "then" and
"remain"  THEN by definition implies a passage of time. How much
time? I have been given to understand "then" as stated in this case
is 40 days.  This amount of time given to "transfigured" SAINTS
to WITNESS to those to whom the Holy Spirit chooses and directs
these Saints to witness to and what to say and demonstrate to with
the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT given to them for that purpose.
This POWER is given to the Saints to off-set the phoney "miracles"
that the anti-christ will use to fool people into believing he is devine.

        These SAINTS will be impervious to harm by the fallen angels
posing as E.T.s   People that come to believe in what the Saints
witness to them of the TRUE CHRIST will then be gathered in small
groups at some designated place to be Raptured.  After the 40 days
it will be up to the TWO appointed witnesses to convince the remaining
people not to believe the A.C. and take the DNA up-grade which would
make them no longer Human and therefore not redeamable.  Their names
would then be erased from the Book of Life. Those refusing to take the
MARK will be deemed "useless" and will be beheaded, but they will not
lose their Salvation. (by the way, the guillotines have already been made,
thousands of them).  Sometimes the opposite proves the positive.

      On that notion the nearness of the Rapture can be be determined
by what the enemy is doing i.e. how long before the fallen angels posing
as E.T.s make their appearance on Earth?  Certainly when the first
Nuke goes off in the upcoming Middle East debacle.  They will come as
"Peace Makers" and man's Savior from himself.  The UFO's are being
sighted around the world on an ever increasing basis.  When will they
land? Those of us with a "believing without seeing faith" will have to
be translated before seeing "fallen angels", because seeing them is
PROOF POSITIVE of  the existence of HOLY ANGELS and the
LORD is not going to let ANYTHING destroy the "non-seeing"  faith
that HE holds so dear.   So it won't be long now, will it? Hang on to what
you know to be the TRUE WORDS of JESUS and seek HIS VOICE so
that HE will acknowledge you at JUDGEMENT.