Ruby (15 March 2013)
"re: Robert Rose/ march 14 post"

Wow Roberto, that's right -- March 13th was the day of the New Pope!
I had several dreams in the past several years.  One was about a deadly mist, another about the economic collapse and martial law.  Another about a Calif. tsunami -- they all were on "a weekend" or end of a work week, or beginning of the Jewish Shabbat (Sabbath) or festival.  The end of the world week could've been symbolic of the end of the work week, i.e. end of work, i.e. end of the economy as we know it.     I also have been seeing on computers, clocks etc, the number 22.  I am NOT prophecying, and also not saying that all these things WILL happen on a weekend, or the same weekend (couple just be after the economy falls)... but I do note that the 22nd this week does fall on a Friday, the day the work week ends.  We have seen so many weird things the past couple of months (comets, asteroids, sudden resignation of the Pope, and a strange trip being planned for Obama to go to Israel, war continuing in the Middle East, North Korea threatening nukes again -- so I will have heightened awareness and extra prayers and extra preparations (extra supplies in the house-- could "extras" be an extra meaning of the  vessel of oil that the Wise Virgins had in preparation for the Coming of the Bridegroom?  could oil in this instance mean both light and physical commodity)  just in case there's a short time (or longer) time period before Christ fetches his bride?  I am hopeful of course, but also a realist. 
I continue to keep this in my prayers and also keep studying until I get a hardcore answer directly from His Voice through the Spirit of God (and not from the written word).