Robert A (28 March 2013)
"re: Priest John O'Conner (1987) - YouTube"

The entire presentation is at this link:

This is a very long interesting tape. The priest, evidently, was excommunicated sometime after this.

It presents a surprising endtime view for Catholicism. He read the last chapter in the book. And, he does make some penetrating analysis of history and current events. Remember, this is 1987! And, of course, it is overlaid with ancient and hoary Catholic doctrine. The most important part begins at #50. A mass starts at #130 ... which can be skipped. Frankly, having not been to a Catholic service in a long while, it raised the hair on the back of neck when he got into the Mary part of it.

After the mass, there is a short interview which, again, is most interesting. As would be expected, he first denies the rapture, then equivocates and says there is room in Scripture for it, but that ancient, hoary Catholic doctrine supersedes Scripture.

There is a suspicious break in the tape in the first section ... before #50 ... that practically screams censorship to me.

Once again, a blessed Easter to you and yours,