Renee M (14 March 2013)
"The Ten Plagues of Egypt"

The Ten Plagues of Egypt

I believe the Lord is fulfilling the 10 plagues of Egypt in our day. In the Bible, Egypt symbolizes "the world". When the Israelites crossed the Red Sea on the 7th day of Unleavened Bread, it was symbolic of the Raptured Saints being completely free from this present world and crossing over into the Promised Land. The first 8 plagues are starting to be poured out all over the world over the last few years. We are now on Plague #8 - locusts. The 2 last plagues are "3 days of darkness" and the killing of the firstborn children. I believe these 2 plagues are about to be fulfilled during this upcoming Passover week - between March 25 to April 1, 2013. I do not believe that all firstborn children are going to die all over the world, but rather this event symbolizes the "Rapture", when those with the blood of Christ on the doorpost of their hearts will be spared from the Great Tribulation that is about to begin. Just as Rahab the prostitute was spared on the 7th day of Unleavened Bread, when the walls of Jericho fell, because of the red cord (symbolizing the blood of Christ), so the firstfruits are about to be spared what is coming on the world. I believe the 3 days of darkness will start on April 28 or 29, 2013. I do not know what these 3 days will be - literal darkness, spiritual darkness, extreme hardship, major earthquakes? We don't have long to wait to find out. I believe that at the end of these "3 days of darkness", the Firstfruits will be raptured at the start of the 7th day of Unleavened Bread (March 31/April 1, 2013).

Here are some pictures and articles of how the first 8 plagues are being fulfilled all over the world during the last few years:


Plague #1 - Water turns to blood and fish die

Exodus 7:17-18

Thus says the Lord, “By this you shall know that I am the Lord: behold, with the staff that is in my hand I will strike the water that is in the Nile, and it shall turn into blood. The fish in the Nile shall die, and the Nile will stink, and the Egyptians will grow weary of drinking water from the Nile.”


The crimson tide: Tourists in Australia flee as Bondi Beach turns into the 'Red Sea' because of rare algae bloom

Lake In France Turns Blood Red


End Times? Texas Lake Turns Blood-Red


China’s Yangtze River mysteriously turns blood red


 Beirut River mysteriously runs blood red


Water Turns Blood Red: India, Russia, France, China, Alaska, Antarctica, America,d.aGc 


Ukraine-Russia: Scientists Baffled After Sea of Azov Turns Blood Red, ‘Could Lead To Fish Deaths Of Mass Proportions’


Millions of dead fish found in Maryland, Brazil and other parts of the world


Birds and Fish are now Dying all Around the World


Dead Fish, Birds Wash Up On Lake Erie Shores In Latest Mystery


Op-Ed: The dying fish epidemic continues as earthquakes increase 


Millions of birds and fish dying all over the world 


Plague #2 - Frogs

Exodus 8:1-2
Then Yahweh said to Moses, 'Go to Pharaoh, and say to him, "Yahweh says this: Let my people go and worship me. If you refuse to let them go, I shall strike your whole territory with frogs."'


Ew it's in my toe nails


"Millions" of frogs shut down major highway in Greece: 


Frog Plague Strikes Florida 


 Plague #3 - Dust and Mosquitoes

Exodus 8:16
Yahweh then said to Moses, 'Say to Aaron, "Stretch out your staff and strike the dust of the earth, and it will turn into mosquitoes throughout the whole of Egypt."'


Wet weather brings mosquito plague to Somerset


Watch out - mosquitoes are on the rampage 


Gallinipper mosquito invades Florida


New mosquito invasion in the North West?


Mosquito Invasion Exposes U.S. to Dengue Fever, Study Finds 


Watch a 50-Mile Wide Dust Storm Devour Phoenix


Freaky Dust Storm in Western Australia Is Terrific, Terrifying 


 Plague #4 - Beetles and Flies

Exodus 8:21

Young's Literal Translation: For, if thou art not sending My people away, lo, I am sending against thee, and against thy servants, and against thy people, and against thy houses, the beetle, and the houses of the Egyptians have been full of the beetle, and also the ground on which they are. 

New International Version: If you do not let my people go, I will send swarms of flies on you and your officials, on your people and into your houses. The houses of the Egyptians will be full of flies; even the ground will be covered with them. 

New American Standard Version: For if you do not let My people go, behold, I will send swarms of insects on you and on your servants and on your people and into your houses; and the houses of the Egyptians will be full of swarms of insects, and also the ground on which they dwell.



Australia buried under a plague of soldier beetles? 


Soldier beetle mania is invading the gardens of Victoria 


Soldier beetles on the march in Boroondara


Soldier Beetles Invade Bayside and Beyond


Lord of the flies = Beelzebub (Baal of Bub, Baal of Flies)

Obama: Lord of the Flies


You can’t fool them flies! 


Watch Obama's Fly-Swatting Prowess Back in Action


Giant Fly Bugs Obama 


Obama vs the fly. Call it a draw? 


Prophetic Videos: Is Obama Beelzebub Lord Of The Flies Or Biblical Prophecy



Plague #5 - Livestock

Exodus 9:1-3

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘This is what the Lord, the God of the Hebrews, says: “Let my people go, so that they may worship me.” If you refuse to let them go and continue to hold them back, the hand of the Lord will bring a terrible plague on your livestock in the field—on your horses, donkeys and camels and on your cattle, sheep and goats.


200 Dead Cows Found In Wisconsin


55 buffalo die mysteriously on southern Cayuga County farm


10,000 Cattle Dead In Vietnam: Cows, Buffalo Part Of Mass Die-Off


Nitrate poisoning ruled out in cow deaths


Zimbabwe: Thousands of cattle succumb to drought


Mongolia's Livestock,28804,2040762_2040769_2040797,00.html


Nearly 6,000 Dead Pigs Removed From Huangpu River, China


125,000 birds culled in rare salmonella outbreak


 3,600 Turkeys Die Near Bangalore After Birdflu Outbreak


700 sheep dead in NSW


Pakistan Floods Kill Hundreds, Affect Millions


Mass Mysterious Death of 1,600 sheep Sokoto, Nigeria


 Epidemic claims 343 cattle near Sualkuchi


104 sheep died on spectacular suicide mission


Veterinary team visits Kamrup rural district


Vaccine Blamed In Thousands Of Uzbek, Kyrgyz Sheep Deaths

 Shock as 588 cows die


Bird flu hits Guangdong


362 cattle found dead


Plaquemines Parish hires crew to haul off hundreds of dead cattle killed by Hurricane Isaac


 Bison herd suffers worst anthrax outbreak on record


Excessive heat kills at least 1,700 cattle across the state,0,5204476.story


Kyrgyzstan: Harsh Winter Triggers Mass Livestock Deaths


Dying cattle costly for Egyptian farmers


African horse sickness leaves 70 horses dead 


Horses Die In Large Numbers In Queensland


Qatari camel farm owner rejects blame for mass death 



 Plague #6 - Boils

Exodus 9: 8-9

Then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “Take handfuls of soot from a furnace and have Moses toss it into the air in the presence of Pharaoh. It will become fine dust over the whole land of Egypt, and festering boils will break out on people and animals throughout the land.”

Revelation 16:2

The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly, festering sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.

This plague will find much greater fulfillment during the Great Tribulation, but is already starting to take place at this time: 


Morgellons: a new ugly skin disease epidemic in the USA


Morgellons: Terrifying New Disease Reaching Pandemic Status


 Morgellon's Disease: Mysterious Ecto-Parasites 


Morgellons - Mysterious Ecto-Parasites 


Morgellons: A hidden epidemic or mass hysteria?


CDC: “Morgellons Disease is all in your head” 



Plague #7- Hail

Exodus 9:22

The LORD said to Moses, "Stretch out your hand toward heaven so that hail may fall on the whole land of Egypt, on humans and animals and all the plants of the field in the land of Egypt."  



Winter storm blasts Colorado with snow, dumps big hail on Texas 


Nine people killed as freak hailstorm rains massive boulders down on Indian villages


The Great St. Louis Metropolitan Hail Storms


Storm brings tornadoes, huge hail to Colorado 


Huge hail storms batters Melbourne 


 Freak hail storm drives insurance claims


Large hail the feature of storms in southeast


Freakish hail storm pummels Dallas


Oklahoma City battered by huge hail as storms wreak havoc 


2013-02-24 - Huge hailstorm hits Mar del Plata (Argentina)


Huge Hail Hammers Hawaii 


4 feet of hail? Massive hail storm hits Texas panhandle


2010 storm may have dropped largest hailstone on Kansas 


Huge hail, lightning hits Christchurch 


Golf ball-sized hail smashes windows in Calgary 



 Plague #8- Locusts

 Exodus 10:12

And the Lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand over Egypt so that locusts swarm over the land and devour everything growing in the fields, everything left by the hail.”


Locust alert in Middle East as plague descends on Egypt and creates panic in Israel

Agriculture Ministry: More locusts swarm into Israel 


With Passover Approaching, a Plague of Locusts Descends Upon Egypt 


Plague #9- 3 Days of Darkness

Exodus 10: 21-23

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand toward the sky so that darkness spreads over Egypt—darkness that can be felt.”  So Moses stretched out his hand toward the sky, and total darkness covered all Egypt for three days.  No one could see anyone else or move about for three days. Yet all the Israelites had light in the places where they lived.


Plague #10- Death of the Firstborn

Exodus 12:29

At midnight the Lord struck down all the firstborn in Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh, who sat on the throne, to the firstborn of the prisoner, who was in the dungeon, and the firstborn of all the livestock as well.