Randy (2 March 2013)
"SO.....HERE WE ARE....ON the Verge of the Jewish Spring Feasts.....WILL THE Rapture be THIS MONTH?"


EVERYTHING we have all been wating for.....and watching the signs for.....seems like it may FINALLY be right in front of us?

Oh, COULD IT BE?????  If so....HOW will it play out???
Will it play out like we "thought" it might?
1) A Pre Trib Rapture....out of the blue, with NO warning....with NO events involving "the antiChirst?" And THEN events play out for those Left Behind to see unfold? 
2) Are we IN the Tribuation now?  Will there be a full 7 years (or more) after the Rapture?
you know...HOW will it all play out?
Will we be SUPRISED in some incredible way?   
1) Will Obama's trip play out right with Tribulation events to be seen by the whole world.....before, or just after, the Rapture??
2) Does the election of the new Pope somehow play out in conjunction with Obama's trip??    
Will there be some kind of WORLD WIDE FINAL WARNING just before the Rapture????
1) WILL the Dead in Christ rise FIRST.......and a few days/weeks later......the Living IN Christ along with the Dead in Christ will meet Jesus in the Air?   What a FINAL Warning THAT would be !!
2) Will something dramatic happen during Obama's trip?
a- A Peace Treaty materialize out of the blue?  Some have suggested such a document already exists-ready to be signed- by the Israelis and the Palestinians......  (I don't see this, but some do)
b- Some kind of attack.....Israel on Iran, or vice versa.....   some kind of attack on the president?  Ron Reese suggested this in yesterday's post...
I'm just glad that FINALLY, such UNprededented events and the other what-ifs will be known to us, one way or another,......   within the next 3-4-5 weeks!!!
Iran won't concede their nuclear program. (I've said this for 8 years now!)  And...
Israel AND the USA have said "time is up" by June for Iran to give in, before the US and/or Israel must act militarially.  BOOM!!  
It all seems so imminent......so coming together.....SO EXCITING!!  
LOTS and LOTS of "coincidences" seem to be coming together at the same time!!
TICK TOCK.....I CAN'T WAIT TO KNOW....one way of the other...