Randy (13 March 2013)
"We've seen EVERY Example of what is surley SOON TO COME...How Much LONGER, O God? (article)"

We've seen EVERY Example of what is surley SOON TO COME, over the last 12 years
Financial Troubles - both personal, national and international
1-Personal financial troubles, examples  (Now..even in the United States, for the past 5+ years!)
-All manner of people have found themselves (Christians too.) in a financial mess.  Mortgages upside down, job losses, etc, etc
-EVEN RICH people have seen their money disappear, in events like Bernie Maddoff, and the US Government has been worthless to have prevented it
-Lost retirement funds by people in/near retirement.
"What can people count on.....if they can't count on their own financial balances?"  I think God was trying to say "you relied on your own efforts and your own money....and you forgot about ME!"
2- The US Fiscal Cliff and National Debt and Budget Deficits
3) The International Economic Cliff - in Europe especially

Terrorism.....AND,  Wars and Rumors of Wars  (Big or small....actual wars or terrorism right in our midst)

Falling away from Faith.....less and less church attendance in the US and especially in Europe  (The churches in England seem to be just for the architecture at this stage!)

The STUPIDITY of Governments to function anymore.
-In the US...
-In Europe
-And Especiallyin Middle Eastern muslim countries...

Not to mention...the United Nations.....

And now.....even Meteors hitting earth and injuring hundreds of people.....(UNlike ever before..
I'm wandering here....sorry......but, suffice it to say, the following article seems to say it all, at least for ME!
This article seems to express our (at least my own) anxiety about HOW MUCH LONGER O GOD?
WE CAN COUNT ON GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Lord.....I just want this waiting to be OVER!!