Paul N. F. (15 Marh 2013)


        By A. W. Tozer

         Set your affection on things above, not on things
         on the earth.                      -- Colossians 3:2

            No one who knows what the New Testament is
         about will worry over the charge that Christianity is

            Of course it is -- and that is precisely where its
         power lies!

            Christianity, which is faith in Christ, trust in His
         promises and obedience to His commandments, rests
         down squarely upon the Person of Christ.

            What He is, what He did and what He is doing -- these
         provide a full guarantee that the Christian's hopes are

            Christianity is what Christ says it is. His power becomes
         operative toward us as we accept His words as final and
         yield our souls to believe and obey.

            Christ is not on trial; He needs no character witnesses to
         establish His trustworthiness!

            He came as the Eternal God in time's low tabernacle. He
         stands before no human tribunal, but all men stand before
         Him now and shall stand for judgment at the last.

            Let any man bring the faith of Christ to the bar of man's
         opinion, let him try to prove that the teachings of Christ are
         in harmony with this philosophy or that religion, and he is
         in fact rejecting Christ while seeking to defend Him!

            Let no one apologize for the powerful emphasis Christianity
         lays upon the basic doctrine of the world to come. When
         Christ arose from death and ascended into heaven, He
         established forever three important facts; namely, that this
         world has been condemned to ultimate dissolution, that the
         human spirit persists beyond the grave and that there is
         indeed a world to come!

         Yours in Christ,
         Paul N. F.