Phil (15 March 2013)
"Pope Francis I"

John and Doves,
Well it appears John B wasn't quite correct with his prediction that former pope JP II would demonically appear.
Perhaps John will reassess his view and share with us.
I must also say that, while his prediction was well presented, the thought of some sort of demonically presented JP II
standing on the balcony would have been just too far out for most to digest or accept or believe, or take onboard. Just
imagine the response of those packed into St Peter's Square! I could forsee all sorts of dreadful things happening to
people all round the world. Heart attacks; instant insanity and the like.
However, with the first Jesuit pope ever, named Jorge Mario Bergoglio there were some notable observations to be made.
Firstly he was chosen on the 13th
Secondly he was chosen 13 days after Benedict XVI stood down on 28/2/2013.
The date he was chosen, 13/3/2013 adds to 13.
13th March is Day #72 or 6 x (6+6)
He is the 266th pope and his age is 76.
7+6 = 13
266 divided by his age, 76, = 3.5 or the exact number of years of the Great Tribulation.
266 (number of popes) + 72 (day#) = 338 or 13 x (13+13).
266 + 76, (his age) = 342 = 18 x 19 or (6+6+6) x 19.
He was chosen 7 days before Obama arrives in Israel. 2+6+6 = 17 or 2 x 7.
2x6x6 = 72, the same figure as the day#
Someone also said that he appeared on the balcony 76 minutes after the white smoke appeared from the chimney.
7+6 = 13 again.
76 = 4 x 19.
His surname BerGOGlio has 9 letters with GOG in the centre. 9 = 3+3+3.
BERGOGLIO = 90 or 30+30+30.
Keep looking up,