Mike Curtiss (28 March 2013)
"The Gates of Europe Are broken Down"


The Gates of Europe Are Broken Down
Michael Curtiss March 27th 2013

        Without much fanfare today, it was announced that both banks in Italy, England and Spain were stormed, looted and broken down. Why do I post this news? Why have I posted this letter upon Five Doves? Can you please help me understand? Before you turn your minds to these important questions, please read on to discover why I think that this story is the essence of End Time's Bible Prophecy.
        First, understand that several banks across Europe issued news of capitulation today. So, the pillaging of bank accounts in Cyprus were not unique. Simultaneously, three and eventually many more bank stocks across Europe were devalued to further prop up the failing mutual currency of Europe, 'the euro'. You can read about their unexpected collapse and sudden downfall in the article below.
       Second, this common currency was issued to create a financial superstate under the symbol of the pagan goddess 'Europa'. They had a vision of Europe without struggles over family, tribe, nation, or state. But, most importantly the new Europe would progress without any fighting over religious preference, or 'established primitive faith'. Headquartered in Brussels, the European Parliament arrogantly cast off Europe's traditional Judeo-Christian heritage. They openly proclaimed themselves free from the fallen condition of human sin. In effect, Europe announced it was happily shedding it's obligation to acknowledge, or praise the one true eternal God Jehovah.
      Third, the European people dramatically and purposely turned their backs upon God, or any commitment to issue thanksgiving in His name. Lawmakers seeking elected office fed their citizens ambition to be free of Europe's historical Christian foundation. The European lawmaker's in turn curried favor with the loud and vocal mob by the universal adoption of laws permitting such inhuman practices as infanticide, drug abuse, eugenics, euthanasia, bestiality, homosex, child slavery, legalized prostitution and deviant marriage.
      Fourth, the 'mighty men' of European governance, commerce and trade compounded their apostasy by declaring open enmity with God by constructing a headquarters building named Babylon 'the New Tower of Babel'. Look at a picture of this structure, it's an open affront to Jehovah you can see pictured below. These fools actually went out of the way to mock God and in that process unknowingly forfilled Bible prophecy. The Bible predicts that during the End Time's mankind would reach the same fallen state as in 'the days of Noah'. Europe has done this with both deliberate and purposeful glee.
      Finally, let me introduce another powerful revelation, which came up on my prophetic radar today with the collapse of the national bank of Spain; Bancia. This is my original work and appears for the very first time in the prophetic literature. You will certainly see that my conclusions are rock solid proof and they also provide many answers about the identity of the Antichrist, his weapons and his ultimate plan for economic chaos.
      Unbelievably, Bancia is the new super bank created in 2010 by the politicians in Brussels to rescue the Spanish economy and stem the tide of new bank collapses in Spain. They were part of an enormous effort to hopefully prevent the spread of bank holidays and currency failures taking place in several countries across Europe. These crumbling economies have been known to people trading stocks, bonds and derivatives in the financial world collectively as the PIIGS. These are the countries that wildly overspent the ability of the local population to pay. The PIIGS are the nations of Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Greece.
      Speaking of pIIgs, Jesus commanded the legion of demons that possessed the wild man that lived in the tombs to leave. He cast them out of the man and at their request cast them into a herd of pIIgs. Immediately, the pIIgs raced to a ( fiscal ) cliff and cast themselves into the sea. Can you see whats going on here. The evidence almost writes itself Sisters and Brothers.
      However, despite the evidence in 2010 the legion of EU lawmakers decided that instead of cutting spending and budgeting these economies to scale, the government would only borrow more by creating a new national bank; Bancia to house their combined assets. Creation of a new and stable national bank in Spain has proven to be only a temporary respite from potential currency collapse in Spain.            
       Bancia is located in Madrid inside a building known as 'the Gates of Europe' When I search the scriptures for ancient evidence of their presence, I'm fascinated to learn that the prophet Isaiah spoke of the ancient Gates of Babylon in peril. Incredibly, German archeologists re-discovered the Gates of Babylon in the 19th Century and brought them home. They can now be seen on display in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, the economic heart of the EU. Appropriately, the very same museum also has the ressurected ancient throne room of Nimrod/ Apollo/ satan on display.

'the Gates of Babylon have fallen, fallen'
         You can see 'the Gates of Europe' pictured below as they appear today in Madrid. Ezekiel spoke of Babylon and the coming fall of the famed city Gates of Babylon to King Cyrus the Great. I find it curious to add 'the haircut given to Russian mobsters and British tax evaders in Cyprus today will provide a temporary respite for Europe just like King Cyrus gave Babylon another 11 years until the city was utterly destroyed.
         Judgement is coming to the Gates of Europe most assuredly as it came to the gates of Babylon. Ezekiel says that a great slaughter is coming and it will come like a lightening strike ( or Barak in Hebrew ) Take that as a clue to the name of the possible culprit and to the instrument of financial collapse he will employ. He also identifies the soldiers of islam who will come to rule and terrorize the people of Europe after the collapse. Did you read that the Gates of Europe were initially the property of the Kuwait Investment Organization. The clues are everywhere you look.
Ezekiel 21:15
So that hearts may melt with fear and the fallen be many, I have stationed the sword for slaughter at all their gates. Look! It is forged to strike like lightning, it is grasped for slaughter.
Isaiah warned the people of Babylon to repent again, yet they continued in their gluttony and perverted ways. This only lasted until their famous gates were destroyed by the Persian army. Those gates below once were the glory of Babylon. Now, the Gates of Europe and the New Tower of Babel have been rebuilt. The people of Europe are now living just like the people in Noah's time. Exalting themselves above God Himself, they will also be utterly destroyed.
        Today, shareholders across the EU have also had the values of their stocks driven down and the depositors in Cyprus have had their accounts looted; Europe wakes up to the horror that all the nations of the EU are living far beyond their means. This legion of socialist governments have pIIgged out and gorged themselves with luxuries and cradle to grave entitlements that far surpass any logical expectation of repayment.  Thanks for reading this far. Hopefully, you will investigate the scriptures as I have to see the glorious future you have both here an in an eternity, Amen.


                                                    Michael Curtiss

Isaiah 45:2

English Standard Version (2001)

I will go before you Cyrus and level the exalted places, I will break in pieces the doors of bronze and cut through the bars of iron,