Mike Curtiss (17 March 2013)
"Donna Danna (15 March 2013)  "Pope Francis Name"


Hi Donna & Doves,

    Early, the followers of 'the name the Pope contest' assumed he took the name Francis, because of the gentile Saint from Assisi.
    That's incorrect, Francis took his name from Francis Xavier, the warrior saint who started the Franciscans. The Franciscans were warrior priests that were designed by the Vatican to combat the heresy of the Protestant church. Since their founding the Franciscans were deployed to enforce papal edicts by military force. They also enforced papal bulls and the sale of indulgences.
    Francis the first has a history of supporting the so called 'social justice' movement. The same garbage that our dubious president has been using to steal from the working public. His emergence is not a good thing.

                         Thank God for Jesus Christ,
                                             Mike C.