Mike Curtiss (17 March 2013)
"Donna Danna (15 March 2013)  Name of St. Francis of Assisi NOT ASSOCIATED with New Pope Francis"


Hi Dana & Doves,

   Pope Francis the First takes his name to honor the founder of
the Franciscan Order. Francis Xavier established warrior priests
who's function was to roll back the Protestant horde. Basically,
everyone outside the Roman Church. This includes most of the
posters to Five Doves.
   Many times over the years, the Franciscans were Papal 'shock
troops' who fought the religious wars of Europe. Super soldiers
of catholicism that encouraged conflicts and fought battles
without giving quarter.
   After 200 years of war they became the founders of the Jesuit
schools and universities. Even to modern day, the Franciscans are
the elite order of Roman catholicism.
   Pope Francis the First has been a champion of SOCIAL JUSTICE.
This is the same insanity that afflicts our current leader, because
communism and socialism are birds of a feather. I can envision Francis
becoming a great redistributer of wealth alongside the POTUS. I
certainly wish he's a humble man of god. I strongly suspect we'll know
for certain soon.


                               Mike C.