Mathman (27 March 2013)
"How the Three Days of Darkness, Rapture & Sudden Destruction COULD unfold"


Dear Doves,


Renee M. outlined that the 8 plagues of Egypt appears to have now struck the modern world.  If you have not read this amazing post yet, I highly recommend you do this now before reading the rest of this post:


In response to this excellent article, I then followed up with a post titled, “Next Up:  Plague #9 – 3 Days of Darkness – When and How”, wherein:


-      I explained Scripturally why I feel that a future fake assassination / fake resurrection of President Obama could represent Plague #9


-      I illustrated how such an event could also match 2 of the 12 specific triggers outlined by the NWO for the implementation of One World Government (which the Bible indicates the NWO will eventually be successful at accomplishing)


-      I Illustrated the potential timing of such fake assassination / fake resurrection


The purpose of this post is to demonstrate an entirely non-mathematical post depicting the possibility of these events unfolding in the manner outlined in this post.  Please note that this FICTIONAL story will be entirely an anti-Semitic nonbeliever’s point of view.


DISCLAIMER:  Please note that the purpose of this FICTIONAL story is NOT to date-set, but to instead use a day count in a fictional sense in order to create a sense of realism IF this were to occur!!  My best guess is for the fake assassination, IF it were to occur, would either be on Good Friday or they will wait until either April 1st or 2nd.  To clarify, I fully acknowledge that Passover 2013 may simply come and go uneventfully.  However, there are so many signs seem to indicate something big MAY happen during these days.


Keep in the mind that, in this story, the assassination is completely staged by the New World Order (NOT ISRAEL) and that President Obama is a fully complicit part of the biggest April Fool’s Day “prank” in history.  While never revealed to the fictional character in this story, President Obama will actually be resting in comfort in a massive underground bunker city in Denver, with his elite friends, wringing his hands in anticipation of being propelled to his “rightful place as god of this world”.


*             *                  *                  *                    *                *


DAY 1 – The Darkness Descends


I woke up this morning around 9 a.m. and I was already enjoying my day off.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy sleeping in.  I looked over to see if my wife was up yet.  She was and had already started her day.  Good timing.  I could smell the coffee percolating and was looking forward to a leisurely day.


Slipping out of bed, I walk down the hallway.  Kids were still sleeping?  Yes, perfect – love having a few minutes just me and my wife to plan our day and enjoy some peace.  Walking into the living room, my wife is just sitting down, two cups of coffee in front of her.  Turns out she was about to wake me up anyway, but then heard me stirring.


We turn on one of our favorite programs in the morning on HGTV and settled in for some interesting home improvement tips.  For at least an hour, we enjoyed the program and sipped our coffee, muttering the occasional small talk to each other, but, in general, simply loving the peace that only sleeping kids can bring.


Suddenly the screen turns red and an announcement text scrolls by slowly, reading as follows:


EMERGENCY UPDATE:  President Obama has been assassinated – details to follow


We both sat silently in shock.  Finally my wife breaks the silence and requests that I turn on CNN.  My shaking hands fumbles for the remote control and I manage to press 2 and then 8.  There is an annoying delay before the cable box changes to CNN.  Nothing could prepare us for the next 2 hours as we sat glued to the television.


As the commentators drone on and on, I notice that the kids are now sitting with us (ages 13 and 16).  I didn’t even notice them come in – the room was black to me other than the glow of the picture.  Even the kids, teenagers, know something big has just occurred.


Details filter in.  A lone gunman somehow infiltrated White House security and shot President Obama in the head.  While security pictures released are a bit fuzzy, there is no doubt that a sizable portion of his head was blown off.  Memories of the JFK clip flash in my mind, they are hauntingly similar.  As per usual, CNN plays the same clip over and over and over again, forever burning this horrible image in my mind.


The commentators drone on and on, there words having no meaning now.  I voted for President Obama twice and now he is dead.


Strange thoughts pop in my head.  How will Biden lead?  Will our enemies view this as an opportunity to strike?  What will it all mean to me and my family?


A darkness that has been there since the news came out deepens and deepens until it is palpable.  I can feel the darkness in my entire body and it is suffocating.  Hard to breathe.


Questions come.  Who would do such a thing?  Did they catch the person responsible?  How about Michelle Obama, how is she doing?  Oh no, what about his kids?  The questions come fast and furious for several hours, wherein every time a question is answered, six more pop up.


My head swirls and I realize that my half-finished coffee is now ice cold.  I don’t care.  During the course of the day, we simply eat toast.  Anything fast to prepare, just so that it will allow us to get back to the news coverage.


Hour after hour passes.  I phone my father in Louisiana and him and mom are doing the same.  Watching in shock.  I could hear my mother in the background mutter, “The lights were turned out.  So dark now.  The world will never be the same.  So incredibly dark.”  Her words matched how I felt perfectly.


Darkness descends on the entire world as the magnitude of this senseless crime sets in.  Words of outrage and condemnation pour in, even from sworn enemies such as Iran and North Korea.


Eventually we all crawl into bed.  It’s late.  We accidentally sleep with the bedside lamp on but are too tired to realize that we left it on.  We set the alarm for 7:30am Saturday in order to see if anything developed during the night.  We sleep, but not restfully.


DAY 2 – The Darkness Spreads


The alarm goes off at exactly 7:30am.  I stare at the clock radio as the newsman reads out the following:


In breaking news, secret service agents have now arrested a person believed responsible for assassinating President Obama.  He has been arrested and is now in custody.  Alarming details of this assassination being planned by a foreign government, possibly even an ally, is now suspected.  Details to follow.


What?  An ally…responsible?  THIS WAS PLANNED?  Why?  Who would do such a thing when the U.S. does so much for other countries?  Was it Canada?  Couldn’t be.  England?  Israel?  My words linger as I repeat the words Israel, slowly drawing out each of the three syllables.


Yes, possibly Israel.  Of course, this would be logical.  I recalled that President Obama was in Israel just last week and concern had been raised over and over again by their newspapers that he was not doing enough about the threat from Iran.  My mind then flashed back to a Jewish newspaper from early 2012 that suggested in a column that Israel assassinate President Obama if he won’t attack Iran.  Incredible.


Yes, given that President Obama once again reaffirmed diplomacy as the solution for Iran at his trip last week in Israel, this seemed like a very real possibility.  I share my theory with my wife and was somewhat surprised when she whole heartedly agreed with me.


Going one step further, she implied that this may have even been the work of the Mossad, Israel’s famed and renowned secret service.  After all, are they not known for covert assassinations that no other country could accomplish?


The fury at the prospect of this mounted exponentially.  If this was the case, the Jews would have to pay.  Israel would have to pay.  For now, we just sat there, silently glued to the television.  The darkness was just as heavy as yesterday.  There seemed no relief.


The day continued with continuous breaking news of ever increasing magnitude.  Mostly about the White House wanting to make really sure that the assassin's connections were investigated thoroughly before outlining their conclusions.


A rage was building up inside of me now.  A need to lash out at a world gone mad - most likely Israel, as both my wife and I had concluded already without even a shred of evidence.  After all, why behave logically in an illogical world?  My stomach felt sour, a combination of nerves and lack of sleep.


Why did this have to happen?  President Obama was supposed to be the world's great hope, the bridge between races, the bridge between religions, the bridge between cultures and countries.  And now this hope was all dashed away, one bullet changing the very course of mankind.  Gone was the change we could all believe in.


I noticed that I was alone in the room now.  While our kids had been interested in the breaking news for a few hours, they were now back in their respective rooms, probably on Facebook.  If only turning off these feelings of helplessness could be so easy for me.  Oh, to be young and resilient again - but alas, those days were long gone.


I sat fixed to the tube, the room dark except for the streaming news and the ticker at the bottom churning out headline after headline.  My wife had to run some errands for a dinner with some friends tomorrow, so I sat there by myself.  Completely alone, no hope, no nothing, just numbness, a dull aching numbness.  It was dark outside now, evening had come.  It was dark everywhere now.  No hope, no hope.  The end of day 2 was almost here, but it felt as if  it would never end.


I phased in and out of consciousness as I watched television.  I tried to get comfortable in my chair, but it was useless.  My legs tingled and my entire body ached.  So much hope, now just fear.  Sleep suddenly overtook me.  This time the darkness was welcomed.


Day 3 – The Darkness Deepens


I woke up this morning slumped in my chair, a light blanket on top of me.  My wife must of saw me slumped over in my chair and took pity on me and covered me up.  The television was off.  For how long, I did not know.


I clicked the television back on and instantly the same topic was being discussed - the assassination.  But then again, why wouldn't it be?  After all, wasn't I playing it over and over in my mind?  Wasn't everyone's minds doing the same?


According to the reporter on CNN, sometime during last night, the U.S. Government had concluded what my wife had suspected immediately.  The assassin was a highly trained Mossad agent.  A betrayal of the highest order.


I found it amazing that a Mossad agent would have confessed to this.  I shivered at the thought - just what kind of persuasion was used to get that confession out of him.  After all, these guys are simply trained to never crack during interrogation, even under threat of beheading (as is common practice in the Islamic judicial process).  I shuddered again at the thought.  Desperate times calls for desperate actions.


My rage came to a boil now.  Those Jews, the Israeli's, those oppressors of the innocent Palestinians, they will pay for this.  How can we forgive such a blatant act of hostility?  The only thing I disliked more than the controlling Jews were the self-righteous Christians.


I grabbed my keys.  I needed some country air.  Living on the outskirts of a large city by the ocean meant a fairly long drive to the country, but it was necessary.  My wife declined my offer to join me.  Deep down, I was glad - I needed to think this through, all by myself.


Driving for an hour now, my head would seem to clear and then the image of President Obama's head splitting in two would jolt me back to reality.  I turned on the radio for a distraction.  It didn't work.


Instead, I found a new religious leader speaking on the air, the Roman Mahdi, calling out to the world to pray for a miracle for Obama and his family, for us to be united as one, regardless of your beliefs or even lack thereof.


Religion.  What a total crock!  Not for me, never has been, never will be.  While my wife used to be into Jesus and the whole Christian thing, I made sure to put a stop to that.  She still talked to my one son about Jesus in secret (I had secretly listened in once), but my older son was certainly not going to fall for that baloney.  My oldest son was practical, just like me.  I smiled to myself with pride, the first smile since the news of the assassination.


Pulling my blue Civic into a parking spot in the small town I had visited so often before, I walked over to a quaint coffee shop.  I stepped in and was immediately and warmly greeted by a waitress.  Typical small country hospitality.  It provided some relief in my mood, but little.  Even so, the waitress looked distracted, no doubt upset about the news.  The assassination.


There it was again, slamming me, shading me from the light, making everything dim again, the room darkened just like at home.  I was disappointed.  I sat there for hours, absently playing with the salt shaker in front of me, occasionally ordering something from the menu without really noticing what I had ordered until it arrived.  I decided it was about time to clear off my tab and head home.


Suddenly a gentlemen ran into the restaurant and started pointed outside, completely crazy looking.  He couldn't speak, stuttering instead.  He kept pointing outside and saying, "Seaside Cem...Seaside Cem...", over and over again.


Thankfully, the waitress stepped in and inquired, "Seaside Cemetery.  Is that what you are saying?"  He nodded yes.  "What about Seaside Cemetery?".  The man replied breathlessly, "Graves, I mean coffins, uh dirt, open, I mean open caskets, nothing inside, nothing".  The waitress looked at him and simply shook her head, looking down and clearing some dishes.  She attempted to not roll her eyes but was unsuccessful.  His babbling had left her impatient.  She must have thought he was drunk.  So did I.


"Take me to this cemetery", I suddenly asked him, looking at his eyes.  I surprised myself.  Where did that come from?  Perhaps I was desperate for a distraction from President Obama's assassination.  He agreed and we ran down the street.  The man, Jim I later found out, kept babbling about his father and mother being in that cemetery, that he was there to visit them again but they were missing.  Seemed nuts to me, but oh well.  What else did I have to do?


I tried to keep up with his jog when I suddenly saw about 15 other people, also looking in the cemetery, some mumbling, two weeping.  The ground had been torn apart.  A weird feeling of dread came over me that I couldn't explain.  I had trouble understanding what happened.  Just another senseless thing.  My mind struggled to piece this together.  I had no time to dwell on it as my world was about to change even more.


Suddenly, the wind, which had been a fairly strong ocean breeze, became perfectly still.  At the exact same time, all other sounds seemed to disappear.  A feeling of dread permeated my entire body.  Someone was pointing to the sky, mouth opened, words refusing to come.


I looked up and my stomach dropped.  I could see missile streaks coming up from the sea.  Instinctively, I knew they were nuclear.


My thoughts instantly flashed in my mind like a movie projector.  I could suddenly see my wife and children sitting in the house directly in the missiles path, completely unaware of the approaching danger.  I estimated that impact would be in less than three minutes.  I reached up my hand instinctively, waving at the missiles furiously, sweeping them out the air with my mind.


It didn't work.  My efforts were completely useless, the missiles were still there.  Nothing could stop them.  Certainly not this mythical God my wife used to talk about.  If He could, why hadn't He already?


INCREDIBLY, TIME SEEMED TO FREEZE, LITERALLY.  Nothing moved at all now, just the people did.  Even the missiles themselves suddenly froze in time.


The only thing that moved were us, the people present, right here, right now.  We didn't even think to talk to each other.


A dull rumbling started to shake the ground.  I could stand and yet I wanted to fall to my knees.  I didn't, but it took effort.  It was an earthquake, but yet seemed controlled, strong, yet weak - indescribable.  Nothing seemed to crumble although I felt it should have.  What was keeping the buildings from swaying.  It seemed only the people could feel it.  A woman dropped to her knees and started praying.  Useless.


Incredibly, the sky grew dark, the sun lost its luster, the moon, half a moon, now glowed red and full.  What in the world?  What could be happening?  This had never happened before.  Was it really happening now?


The woman who had been praying suddenly screamed with joy, raised her hands and stared at the sky.  What, or perhaps who, did she see?  Whatever it was, I certainly couldn’t see what she saw.


The stars, vibrantly visible now, seemed to be suddenly swept out of the sky.  But my, what happened to the sky next almost took my breathe away.  The sky itself was being rolled back like a scroll!!  There was some ancient script that could be seen in the distance, but it was unreadable (at least to me).


In an instant, the crazy lady screaming with joy simply vanished, with only her clothes remaining.  How was this possible; after all, was she not just there?  But it got worse!  Now another three or four people were now gone too, all in the blink of an eye, nothing but there clothes remaining.


The rest of us that remained just stood there, stunned.  As fast as this occurred, it suddenly reversed.  The sky instantly became normal again, the sun bright, the moon low and dull white.  The rumbling, distant now, but still present, a dull shaking in the ground, powerful, ever present.  The breeze started again, time seemed to restart.  I was relieved, but only because I had forgot about the missiles.  I looked up again.


"Oh no", I screamed, "look, the missiles are moving again".  The wind picked up again.  I suddenly threw up - I hadn't even been feeling sick.  No time to think about the people that had just vanished in front of me.  My wife, my children, will soon be disintegrated once those nukes detonate.  Had any of them disappeared, just like the lady and the few others in front of me?


I needed to get home.  Instantly, I knew it was a stupid thought!  It was soon to be blown away like a house of cards in a hurricane.


I knew from shows like Jericho and T2 never to stare at the missiles - the flash that will come would be blinding.  I forced myself to turn away and advised others to do the same.  About half listened, and the other half just kept staring, mouths open, seemingly expressionless, shocked, scared but not knowing it yet.


The flash that came, like I knew it would and did, would have blinded most of them.  The mere fear of it almost knocked me down again.  I remained standing.  At least that odd rumbling earthquake had finally ceased.  I instinctively ran as fast as I could and took shelter behind a large hill.  I knew what was coming.


Before the blast hit me, I heard screaming and I heard glass breaking.  We were far enough from Ground Zero that very few would be killed, if any, but the flying glass was dangerous and some were badly cut up.  I was spared all injury, but the gust of thermal wind, what remained of it at least, took my breath away.  I knew the danger had passed, again from the movies, and I raced to the top of the hill to see what happened.


Two massive mushroom clouds loomed in the distance.  The city I had lived in for decades was no more.  Hollywood couldn't possibly capture the sight of these.  They were like two terrifying monsters racing each other to the stars, mind-blowingly huge pillars of fire, smoke and brimstone.


My family simply ceased to exist.  I knew it now, deep down.  Denial was useless.  The bright red and orange pillars of radiation, cloud and fire in the distance, our house mere miles from Ground Zero, confirmed it.


Incredibly, the assassination of President Obama seemed incredibly unimportant now.  The three days of darkness had turned into something else now.  A watershed event.  A turning point in history.  It felt like the end of an era, the end of an age, the end of democracy (little did I know it was the end of the Age of Grace).


Unexpectedly, a man tapped me on the shoulder and told me to come with him.  I had a feeling he had been trying to get my attention for several minutes, but I was dazed, in disbelief.  Apparently, he explained to me hurriedly, he had an underground bunker (he was a "Prepper" and he called himself as such).


His bunker had communications, including the internet, which was devised for just such an event.  We scrambled for news, but the events of the day turned out to be way too much for me.  I felt everything turning black, the ground rushing to meet me.  I knew I had hit my head going down, but didn't feel it.  I had blacked out, and in many ways, I simply didn't care.  What did I have to live for now?


Day 4 – The False Light


I came to.  I heard the man mumbling something but couldn't understand what he was saying.  He appeared to be fully stocked with guns, ammo, food and bottled water.  The situation flooded back to me like a Tsunami.


I felt sick again.  My wife, my kids, my home, my life, all of it, all hope, gone.  I shook my head and felt water on my cheeks.  I realized that they were my tears.  I didn't even know I was crying.  I knew I had to man up.


Using satellite technology, the man I had just met turned on an international feed of CNN.  Apparently, no fewer than a dozen U.S. cities were in flames, along with Toronto, Montreal and Mexico City.  North America was in chaos.


The new Roman Mahdi was making an address.  He seemed sincere to me now - I was desperate for answers.  He now seemed a man of hope, a leader that may be able to make sense of this all, to sort it all out.  Would it be possible to?  The Roman Mahdi began to speak, first in English, but would repeat it all later in Italian and a couple of other languages I didn't recognize:


"Brothers and sisters, what we have just experienced is horrific, first with the death of President Obama, and now the treacherous attack on North America.


But there is always hope, even in tragedy.  For the first time in recorded history, we have encountered an alien race, one we had suspected had existed for years.  These beings have seen what was about to happen here on earth and removed those they felt were not fit for the next stage in our evolution prior to the destruction coming, but would nonetheless serve mankind well in the future with their help.


Right after this vanishing, many were left to the flames of destruction.  Why some were taken and others killed, such reasons remain unknown.  But we have been told that answers to many of life's mysteries were forthcoming, including this.


Indeed, we have no further details yet, other than wanting us to know that those who were taken were now being educated in a very pleasant environment away from earth in order to allow for future reintroduction to society.  My children, we are not to worry, they are being taken care of.


For those who have loved ones that were killed in this senseless nuclear attack, the new universal church of God in alignment with the Islamic faith, is there to help you cope with the loss, our differences seemingly insignificant now.


I have even more great news.  Fellow citizens of this great planet, in tragedy there is hope and in death there is life.  We have had an answer to our prayers for a miracle.  We have been sent a leader, someone to follow, someone to help us through this tragedy.  Someone with answers and directions.  It is a leader that you all knew so well.  But he is no longer for a single country as we are all united in one world, one religion.  The beings that have visited us insist that this is the way to enlightenment.


Gone is isolationism.  Gone is every man for himself.  Gone is every woman for herself.  We are all in this together now, united by the most horrific of circumstances.  Thanks to this alien contact, my prayers have been granted.  The miracle I have, we have, been praying for is here, embodied on earth.


I present to you the unifier, granted the power and the glory to lead us to our destiny.  I present to you, Barack Hussein Obama, resurrected leader of the New World, a man to lead us to a New Order".


The cameras flashed and then I saw something that filled me with wonder.  Leader Obama stood there, but he had a determined look in his eyes that I had not seen before.  He was completely healed.  His head looked perfect - I couldn't even see a wound.  Somehow, he comforted me - I knew he was a man to follow, the man to lead us to a new hope, a revived hope.  Even death couldn't contain him.


The world was ready for this man.  The world needed this man.  The world would follow this man.  This is the only one who can help us heal from the incredible loss we just suffered.  While I knew it would take me weeks to get over the heartache of my losses and to find a new place in society, I somehow felt a comfort that this is the way it was meant to be.  The Roman Mahdi's confidence in World Leader Obama seemed unshakable.


Leader Obama's first words did not disappoint:


"We are united now, we are all in this together.  Those who refuse to be as one shall be punished.  In just a few minutes, the scoundrels who attacked North America will be punished.  In moments, North Korea will be turned into a sea of glass as well anyone who fights against our need to usher in a new era of peace and unity.


As for those who thought they could kill me, I have a simple message that I received when visiting the true head of the universal church of God, in unity with Islam, Allah, the sacred creator of all.  I am to follow in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln.  As it was Lincoln's sacred role to free the slaves of America, it is now my sacred role to free the slaves of Israel, the Palestinians.


While I was away from you all for three days, I was reminded by almighty Allah of the oath that I had taken on Lincoln's Bible.  I was reminded of the gift I received from the Palestinians on my trip to the Holy Land of Lincoln and me.  It all pointed me to my role of destiny, so strong, even death couldn't hold me.  Soon Israel will be mine and Jerusalem will be my reward and the Palestinians my people.  But not just the Palestinians, for we are all Palestinians, and therefore you are all mine."


He continued, quiet but incredibly confident, "We will find all those who are trying to keep our world from being united and peaceful.  We will find all those who will stand with us.  For if someone will not stand with us, he is against us.  Now is not the time for division, but for unity."


Normally I would have been incredibly skeptical about all of this, but the tragedy seemed to allow me to accept it as naturally as breathing.  Perhaps from chaos shall come order?


There was more said, much more.  And there would be much more to come over the following weeks.  But for now, I needed some rest.  I tried to get comfortable.  It must have worked.  My world turned black yet again and sleep once more crept over me.


FINAL COMMENTARY:  In the above FICTIONAL story, the North Koreans are blamed for the Sudden Destruction of the U.S.A.  However, later in the story, we discover that the North Koreans are actually the scapegoats and their weird leader was just too timely not to be set up for the fall, as it appears that he has been over these past few months, but especially recently.  The New World Order would never leave such a huge task to chance and would therefore be personally guilty of perpetrating both the fake assassination (blamed in the story on Israel) and the false flag nuclear attack on the U.S. (blamed in the story on North Korea).


This is simply a brilliant chess match being played by the elite NWO.  In chess, a queen is worth ten points, while a pawn is worth only a single point.  In the above scenario, the black pawn, supposedly North Korea, was traded off to take out the white queen, the U.S.A.  This would be a magnificent trade off!!  With the white queen taken out, now the white king, Israel, would stand alone, relatively helpless, with the world leader now bent on her conquest.  As President Obama just finished saying on his tour, "As long as the U.S.A. exists, Israel will never be alone".  The corollary to this is that “Israel will be alone once the U.S.A. was eliminated”.


On a different note, if you are not a Christian and / or not a supporter of Israel and the Lord has led you to read this article, please note that you are way offside with God.  As a result, punishment, possibly eternal punishment if you are not saved with the Blood of Christ, will soon be coming your way.  Repent and be saved before all hell breaks loose.  If you don't already, make sure you support Israel and the Jews as the Bible commands all of us to do.  The Book of Genesis states, "those who bless Israel shall be blessed, and those who curse Israel shall be cursed".  You simply can't get clearer than that!!


*             *                  *                  *                    *                *


Brothers and sisters, an unprecedented number of watchers are geared up for watching this Passover season.  Are you ready to meet the Lord in the sky?  Repent and believe that grace is by faith alone and can ONLY be attained through Jesus Christ.  Get ready and leave the temptations of this world behind and ready yourself as a Bride.


Surely, time is almost up.


YbiC, MathMan