Mary Anna (15 March 2013)
"Robert Rose (14 March 2013)  "The Prophetic Dream I was shown Came to Pass today with the election of the new pope!!!"

Thanks Robert. I'm not unhappy with my life but having known the Lord Jesus Christ and His Love for us gives me goose bumps thinking of the thrill and joy He has in store for all HIS kids here on earth when we get Home with HIM.  So your letter was comforting with the sure knowledge it can't be long now!  Not long ago I was talking to the Lord in spirit and He kept giving me the same one word: "Patience."  The one thing I don't have for sure!  He knows that and seems He's giving me things to help me learn.  It's GOOD of course, but, NOT easy!  I'm part of todays generation I guess...'Now'.  haha

Mary Anna