Louis A. Romo (23 March 2013)
""My knowledge of and personal experience with "New World Order""

Greetings John
please consider posting...All eyes are on Obama and the new Pope - and rightfully so; however, please consider for a moment of obama as pinocchio and prince charles as the master puppetteer.......
Obama was a drug driven teenager when prince charles was already being groomed for world governance.....Think of America as the armed forces of the world elite - - military men are expendable as needed . .. obama is expendable and will be disposed of when his masters come out into center stage. 
I consider the British Crown, dba prince charles, in charge...I say this with some personal knowledge/experience.. In November 1963 while stationed at our Air Force Security Service world headquarters in San Antonio Texas; the Communications center hand delivered to me the message intended for highest military and political offices in washington.  It detailed the assassination of President of South Viet Nam...I immediately returned it to my civilian bosses ( I was a S/sgt) who returned it to the comm. center for it to go to proper receipients.  Next day I was called down to security where I was smoothly interrogated and threatened.  A few weeks later President Kennedy was assassinated.  I knew my career after almost 10 years was dead...
On way back to my office I meet a couple of high level civilians who were aware of flash message i had received.  They explained we were going to war in Viet Nam for the seven sisters(the oil companies) because the country was floating on oil.  They further explained the president and the Joint Chiefs of Staff do not stop or start wars....THAT WAS DECIDED IN NEW YORK CITY ON THE 36TH OR 37TH FLOOR OF A SKYSCRAPER where   OUR LIVES WERE PLANNED 50 YEARS IN ADVANCE.  ...fast forward to today....
a few days ago while trying to put some pieces of the puzzle together i remembed that and much more of things I had learned over 50 years ago.  The CIA was formed from the OSS which came into being during WWII.  What most people are not aware of is that British Intelligence came and offered their services to President Roosevelt.
I knew they had worked alongside Rockerfeller family.....so i typed in google search " british intelligence 36 or 37th floor...the following  url came up!!!!  http://www.torontolife.com/features/fabulous-life-posy-chisholm-feick/?pageno=2   I copied and pasted part of story as follows:  
   " In June 1940, with the war raging in Europe, Winston Churchill dispatched his friend William Stephenson to New York City to set up the headquarters for a British intelligence network. Stephenson, a Canadian who had made his fortune in England, staffed the lower echelons of his operation with Canadian women, and the teenaged Posy was among his hires. She reported for duty on the 36th floor of the International Building in Rockefeller Center in late 1942 and began the great romance with Manhattan that lasted the rest of her life." - -In my opinion connecting those pieces of information 50 plus years apart is more than enough proof the world is run from London, not Washington.  I got further confirmation in the mid-1960s while I was working as a storekeeper and buyer for a steel mill in Long Beach, ca.  A salesman that called on my all the time started discussing the 6-day war and told me he had worked in Army Intelligence with the OSS in the Los Angeles Harbor area looking for Nazis...He had helped put in the first intelligence unit in Los Angeles Police department..which later went from OSS to CIA.  He also told me how the world was run from New York and London by approximately only 30 families. .at the time. After he had confirmed everything I already knew, I told him my story.
    Last week I had another great flashback when I saw a picture of the Queen being led out of the hospital by a nurse wearing a buckle with the emblem of the Masons.......MY thoughts immediately went back to June1955.  I had finished a 6 month basic Russian Language course at the Army Language School in Monterey, California.  I was returned to our world headquarters in San Antonio where I took a month long top secret course in how I was going to apply my newly learned skills. n On graduation day as we got our diplomas and were walking out, the last words of wisdom given to me and others was "If you ever get caught or arrested in the Satellite countries or Russia, it would be nice if you are wearing a Mason's ring."  ..We were also told that as of 1955 there were still 5000 American Airman alive from world war II in Soviet concentration camps in  Siberia.  They had made the mistake of thinking Russia was our friend and flew their crippled planes from bombing Germany into Russian controlled territories.
 ....Years later i was to read stories of how Americans and Germans took very good care of prisoners of war who were Masons...Amazing!
I could give several more examples but will save for later.
God Bless all five dovers and occasional lookers too!
See you all going up,hopefully this month!! Louie Romo