Lou Ann (28 March 2013)
"A past dream"

Dear John,

I am writing regarding a dream I posted here several years ago.  I can't remember how many but I am guessing it
has been at least 6 or 7 years.  I had this dream about 8 or 9 years ago.  Part of the dream was fulfilled 7 years ago
when my Father passed away.

There was a man here on Five Doves who wrote to me and asked me to tell him when all of the dream was fulfilled
but I have long ago lost his email addy.  I hope he is still reading here and will recognize this dream  as I want to
tell him that it is all fulfilled now except the rapture!

Here is what I remember of the dream.  It may be a little different from what I originally posted as I have changed how
I interpret it a little since them.

In the dream I was walking in the back yard of a new house and we were looking at the back of the house and discussing
how we loved it.  I interpretted the dream at that time to mean it was my new house.  But when we moved 6 years ago
I realized when I was in the backyard of my new house showing it to my Mother that it was not the right house!!  The
house in my dream was white in the back and mine is a Clay color.  Well I never dreamt in a million years that my Mother
would buy a different house before she died!!  Low and behold she just bought a brand new Villa and guess what the
color of it is on the outside??  White!!  God reminded me that He gave me that dream and that I had interpretted it wrong!
My Mother just closed on this villa on Monday and I will be going to drive to her house today and we will be moving her
in this weekend!!!  Easter weekend!  I have been so excited about all the posts about this Easter but I have been out of
town for most of the past month packing up my Mother's house so I could not post as I have no computer there.

I have always had prophetic dreams from the Lord but most of them have always been
personal and not ones for the public so I rarely share.  I did share a dream I had last year as I thought it was for us all
but it turned out it was just once again the Lord giving me confirmation of my dreams.  I dreamt that a friend's
Mother who I had gone to High school with was talking to me.  I had not seen or heard from this woman in 30 years.
She told me that we would not make it out of 2012.  Well she didn't, sad to say.  I posted that dream thinking it meant
us all but it was just about her.  It was the only time I had ever seen this woman in my dreams and she was a very
devout Christian.

Now back to the dream.  We were in the backyard and suddenly the sky filled with war planes and they were bombing
us!  My Mother and I took off running and were translated to a safe place.  It felt kind of like it was a cave but it
was just an all white place that was beautiful.  There were people everywhere dressed in white robes that were
feeding and taking care of those of us that made it there.  So peaceful and serene.  I remembered asking my Mother
and I can't remember now if it was before we were translated or after,  "where is Dad?"  She answered saying, "you
know your Dad's mother always takes care of him"!  I took that to mean that he would be dead at that time as his
mother died when giving birth to him.  My mother always said every time my Dad got lucky or saved from being
hurt that his Mother was taking care of him.  Well my Dad died suddenly of an aneurism after I had that dream.  BUT
my Mother is still here and is 81 years old!!  She has cancer too and is going thru Chemo treatments.  So the
rest of the dream will have to be fulfilled soon as she isn't beating the cancer as of yet.  Since she moved into this
new white villa I know that the rapture will be very soon.

After we were all translated into the place that looked like a gleaming white cave, all the men gathered together
and were going to come back here to earth and fight.  We knew they would be victorious and that they would
be fine and protected.  But it was only the men who would come back.  In my dream they were all going to
come back in pick up trucks but I know that had to be symbolic!

God has also told me years past that the rapture would not be what we expect it to be and that those of us would
who were awake would know the approximate time.  Back when I posted that everyone wasn't seeing all
that needed to be fulfilled, and Bush was in office.  No Obama.  Now I think everything is in place and fulfilled
that we need to see.  I believe it has to be very soon.

Bless all who prayed for me in December.  I want you all to know that after I asked for prayer and my letter
was published that I immediately got relief.  You see I was feeling suicidal because of something terrible
that had happened and I have never in my life felt that way.  I know Satan wanted to steal me from the Lord!!
The urge left me as soon as you all prayed and I thank the Lord every day for you people!!!  And you John
for giving us a place of refuge before we get our REAL place of refuge.

God bless!!

Lou Ann