Grace (15 March 2013)
"Reply To Robert Rose - Passover Earthquake - Possible Confirmation"

Dear Robert,
Thank you for sharing your dream with us about the significant event for March 13 and major earthquake for March 25, 2013. On March 13, the new Pope was selected.
When I visit I saw the beginning date of Passover 2013 had shifted to sunset of March 26, Jerusalem time. This is because of the New Moon being sighted on March 13 sunset, which is the 1st of Nisan. The Jews start and end their days at sunset.
9 years ago, someone had a dream of a devastating earthquake coming on a Passover of an unknown year. 2 ROUNDS OF SHAKING!! I read this somewhere else. You can find the dream at
Looks like a very close confirmation to what you are being shown. Your March 25 is just before start of Passover 2013. But the specific time zone and location of the earthquake event is not shown to you.
Somehow, the Japan 3-11 megaquake and tsunami felt like a stark reminder of the next BIG one due in California. Lets keep watch and see what may happen on March 25, 2013. Pray for the unbelievers that they may repent and seek Jesus before it is too late.

Interesting since I had a dream from the LORD back in Feb/March 2012 that something significant would happen on March 13, 2013 followed by a HUGE earthquake on March 25, 2013.

During the dream the LORD showed me a calendar. It was the Gregorian calendar and the months kept flipping swiftly into the future, so I tried to focus
really hard. In my spirit I knew the LORD was going to show me something important. The first date the LORD showed me was Specifically March 13, 2013. On that date, the LORD told me something would happen. In the dream I couldn’t really make out what he was telling me, so I don’t know what will happen on that day, but it was something of importance on a global scale. I also know that date is the 1 day after the New Moon of Nisan according to the Jewish Hillal II calendar.

The LORD then proceeded to show me yet another specific date. The date was March 25, 2013. This time the LORD did not tell me what would happen, instead the event was written on that calendar space for that date, “Earthquake”. Apparently, this is going to be a massive earthquake that will be globally significant on that day. That is what I was led to believe in that dream. That date just happens to be the 14th of Nisan (Passover) according the Jewish
Hillal the II calendar.