Gino (4 March 2013)
"Sixtus the Sixth"

What if the next pope is considered Petrus Romanus for other reasons?

What if it is not because of his real first name being Peter?

What if it is not because he takes the name of Peter II?

What if it is because of how the rest of the Catholic church views what he does?

The real Peter of the scriptures was an apostle, not a pope.

However, the real Peter not only preached the gospel,

         not only was used to open the door of the gospel to the Gentiles,

         not only led the first Roman to faith in the resurrected Jesus (Cornelius),

         not only was used by the Holy Ghost to confirm the gospel with great signs,

         not only did he minister to the scattered Hebrew Christians,

         he ministered uniquely to the persecuted church & to those called on to be martyrs.

His writings are great comfort & encouragement to those finding themselves in persecution.

Reading Peter's letters, together with the book of Revelation,

         is what I would be immersing myself in, as I awaited torture & a violent, painful martyrdom.

So perhaps this next pope, in the minds of Catholics, ministers to persecuted Catholics.

Catholics are persecuted also, in China, in Africa, and elsewhere.

Yes, the Catholic church persecuted believers during the Inquisition, also before & after the Reformation.

However, they are now finding themselves included with Baptists & Pentecostals, around the world.

Not included in a common faith, but included in a common persecution.

An athiest or Muslim, doesn't see any difference between Catholics & Evangelicals, to them we're all the same.

So Evangelicals are finding themselves in prisons & prison camps with Catholics.

Evangelicals are finding themselves being tortured side by side with Catholics.

Evangelicals are being mercilessly murdered together with Catholics.

It would be wonderful if we all believed the same thing, but we don't.

However, the enemy is the same, the torture is the same, the brutal execution is the same.

Oddly, regardless of whether all the imprisoned Evangelicals & Catholics are saved or not,

         they are all being persecuted for the name of Jesus.

So perhaps this next pope is going to have a totally different ministry than all those before him.

Perhaps because he may be pope to a Catholic church in the midst of a global persecution,

         that they may consider him Petrus Romanus, because he ministers to the persecuted,

         ministers to the tortured, and perhaps is martyred himself right there in Rome.

That is, at least to me, another possibility for why they might call him Petrus Romanus.


As for the name he takes as pope, what does that mean?

What if he is to be the false prophet?

Technically they do not have to choose another cardinal from among themselves.

They need only choose a baptized-Catholic male who is not considered a heretic.

What if they choose someone unknown, someone who can perform false signs and wonders?

What if they choose someone with a pseudo gift of tongues?

Would it matter what name he would choose? Maybe & maybe not.

What if he chooses the name, "Sixtus the Sixth"?

The last Sixtus was the fifth. Pronouncing it in English sounds like "Six-Sixty-Six".

But that is simply a play on words - yes.

If he is to be the false prophet, then his name is irrelevant.

He would be focusing the world on the name of the first beast, not his name.

It will be the name of the first beast that will be the issue.

It will be the mark of the name of the first beast that will be the issue.

It will be the number of the name of the first beast that will be the issue.

So, unless the next pope is to be the antichrist himself, then his name is not the issue.


                  Thank you,