Gino (15 March 2013)
"RE: Nicole: 03.14.13: Twin"


             You had written,

However maybe the Lord is not showing me because I am about to go in the earthquake.


What a wonderful attitude to have!

You considered the possibility that an earthquake could happen even before the blessed hope,

and that perhaps in the LORD’s plan, you may be taken home that way.

Most people that I know are not prepared to calmly admit that there is a possibility that they may die before the blessed hope.

I sounds like you are prepared to go either way, in the blessed hope, or if the LORD wills, beforehand, through the veil.


You cannot imagine how profoundly and powerfully encouraging it was to read what you wrote!!!!!


Sure, every one of us would love to make it to the blessed hope and be called up while still alive.

However, even if the blessed hope happens real, real soon, there is still the possibility that some of us may be called home before that.


My dear Sister,

I strongly desire to be like you!