Gerlinda (15 March 2013)
"Pope Francis is Petrus Romanus, Here is Why!"

Pope Francis Is ‘Petrus Romanus’, Here’s Why.
Petrus Romanus or 'Peter the Roman' is the supposed name of the very last pope in the prophecy of the popes by 12th centruy saint Maelmhaedhoc Ó Morgair, better known as St. Malachy. Pope Francis is the last pope of the prophecy as far as numbers go but is he Petrus Romanus?
Francis of Assisi is known for Rocca Maggiore, which means Big Rock, which is the meaning of the name “Peter,”
so, Pope Francis is named for Francis of Assisi – Francis of Big Rock.
Nostradamus’ Quatrain 49:
Nul de l’Espaigne mais de l’antique France,
Ne sera esleu pour Le tremblant nacelle,
A l’ennemy sera faicte fiance,
Qui dans son regne sera peste cruelle.
Not from Spain but from ancient France,
Will be elected for the trembling ship [the Bark of St. Peter],
He will make a promise to the enemy,
Who will cause great plague during his reign.
Pope Francis’ parents are from Turin, which happens to be ancient France (Lombards and Charlemagne). Argentina apparently means “Old Spain,” so Francis is not from Argentina but “ancient France” – true if one is speaking of his ancestors. More recently, his ancestors came from Rome/Italy, of course, so the new pope’s heritage is Roman/Italian.
Beyond this obscure thought is the fact that “berg” in German means “mountain” (but not Latin or Italian). And a mountain is also a rock when speaking symbolically (The Rock). It is true that with old phrasing, we are dealing with several languages including Latin, so some leeway needs to be given.
The new pope chose "Francis," referring to St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis of Assisi's birth name was "Giovanni Francesco di PIETRO Bernardone. St. Francis' original name included “Peter.”
Somehwat of a stretch but you have to suppose that fuguring out who Petrus Romanus is would be just as cryptic a task as the prophecies themselves. -Mort