Gail (17 March 2013)
"Time for big oil to take big dive?  Can't entirely rule this one out"

Right on the heels of HRH P.Charles'  prophetic tour shoring up political and economic ties w/the GCC powerhouses, where it's been disclosed-
Mar.14 2013
The Prince of Wales has revealed he is taking Arabic lessons.
Charles' aide disclosed that he has been having private tuition in arabic for more than six months.
The Prince's new skill could help his desire to encourage dialogue between different religions, as he would be able to read the Koran in its original form.
Does Obama lash out after the Israeli Airstrikes in Psalm 83?
God gave us a warning-
Minister John Kilpatrick's New Madrid Earthquake-

John Kilpatrick's Vision: Earthquake will Hit Middle America ...

The United States energy pipeline infrastructure sits right on top the New Madrid Fault.
New Madrid Fault Zone Threat: Giant Pipeline Bomb!
Minister Kilpatrick hears the words 'wind and water,'
while viewing the events.
Monday March 18th, 2013-
Monday, a more substantial severe thunderstorm threat is possible in parts of the Tennessee, Lower Mississippi and Ohio Valleys. Damaging winds and large hail are the main threats along with the possibility of a few tornadoes.
The World’s 5 Largest Oil Consumers October 25th, 2012
#1 United States
#2 China
#3 Japan
#4 India
#5 Saudi Arabia
The United States, #1, will cease to import any oil, because the New Madrid Earthquake will blow up the U.S. infrastructure.
Mid-Point - March 21st, 2013

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