Frank Molver (4 March 2013)
"Gino re warnings and dreams and hyper grace"
I understand what you are saying, too much looking at what Satan is doing brings bad dreams
And there are some that do that, but not all.
Indeed God still uses dreams to warn us, but the devil also sends them to confuse us
So discernment is needed for those who read them
In your letter you stated that you were a back slidden Christian, I am glad you changed
All of us have to make sure of our calling, it is a serious issue
So we have to be careful with the issue of worthiness
If the Holy Spirit convicts some one of their walk, the do need to repent and get it right.
If you tell them they are worthy and to ignore any feeling of guilt then what are you doing?
This is an old problem and it is exemplified today
Jeremiah wept about it, saying of the priests, "They say to the people peace peace when there is no peace.
The have healed the wound of the daughter of my people lightly.
That is because they were not even ashamed of their own sins"
My paraphrase of Jeremiah 8:4-12
Here is a perfect example of how this Hyper grace teaching effects the church
There is much more about it in this link

Dr. Michael Brown: ‘Confronting the Error of Hyper-Grace’; ‘Hyper-Grace Horror Stories’

One of the foundational doctrines of the hyper-grace message is that… the Holy Spirit never convicts believers of sin, that believers never need to confess their sins to God, and that believers never need to repent of their sins, since God sees them as perfect in his sight… [One woman writes of having], “joined a small group three years ago that went from having regular prayer meetings and living holy connected lives together to stating ‘prayer is a work and denies grace’ and ‘sin allows grace to do its great work.’ All of our prayer meetings and Bible studies were traded in for game-nights and nights out at the bar to ‘witness’ where many from the group got plastered … all in the name of ‘grace.’”