Frank Molver (4 March 2013)
"Economic and spiritual warfare, the church must change to survive"


Had some very difficult dreams last night re this
What we see on the surface is an economic battle for what seems political purposes all over the world
In the US it seems like a temporary disagreement
Yet I believe it is more
I think they are preparing the people for a change, like herding the masses
We see the beginnings of an economic downturn at the lower levels now
This must happen, hardship will come, blame will be attributed, power will be surrendered
Obama has said that he is not a dictator, I guess we will see
With the economic hardship comes the rise of things from below that bring fear and terror
Yet God is in control, it is for a purpose
The church must hear from God like no time before
It will not survive under the old system, the old canned music and sermons.
The religious spirit will not survive in the coming pressure
The church will have to be close nit like never before
We are entering the time of the man of Perdition
The time of the red dragon Pope