Frank Molver (15 March 2013)
"Robert Rose re March 13, 25, maybe bingo!"

Well, you could be right, Obama was also a blind side to many.
When I first heard about the new Pope I thought, what a let down, I thought of writing a post called "Peter Flatulus", you know, bringing forth wind
But the date seems to be a very big clue, 3/13/13.
This also lines up with your vision a year ago.
So now you believe that same dream or vision refers to quake coming on the 25th of this month 
I guess we will find out pretty soon
Thanks for sending this in.

Hey doves,

I have wanted to share these dreams for a very long time, but Iíve been very hesitant to do so because of all the false dreams out there and all the false prophets.

I have hearing on the news of a 100% certain economic collapse around March 2013, not only from alternative news, but also mainstream media. Is it a coincidence that Obamaís RFID implantable device was originally due to begin being implemented during that month and year, March 23, 2013 (1290 days before Feast of Trumpets 2016).

Well, I feel I really need to get these dreams out, which I truly believe were from the LORD Jesus Christ because based on what Iím witnessing in the world via news events, the time is at hand. Time is short and the rapture is even sooner than we think.

During the beginning of the year 2012 around February/March timeframe I received a dream, which I wrote down after I woke up. I must do this right after I wake up after receiving the dream, because if I donít, I will forget the details of the dreamÖ.itís happened before.

During the dream the LORD showed me a calendar. It was the Gregorian calendar and the months kept flipping swiftly into the future, so I tried to focus really hard. In my spirit I knew the LORD was going to show me something important. The first date the LORD showed me was Specifically March 13, 2013. On that date, the LORD told me something would happen. In the dream I couldnít really make out what he was telling me, so I donít know what will happen on that day, but it was something of importance on a global scale. I also know that date is the 1 day after the New Moon of Nisan according to the Jewish Hillal II calendar.

The LORD then proceeded to show me yet another specific date. The date was March 25, 2013. This time the LORD did not tell me what would happen, instead the event was written on that calendar space for that date, ďEarthquakeĒ. Apparently, this is going to be a massive earthquake that will be globally significant on that day. That is what I was led to believe in that dream. That date just happens to be the 14th of Nisan (Passover) according the Jewish Hillal the II calendar. This date is also 2 days after the infamous Obama RFID chip date of March 23, 2013.

I am led to share these dreams with all of you because if these dreams are accurate and I donít share them, I donít want to carry the burden of guilt. If they donít come to pass, then the dreams were not from the LORD. Itís as simple as that. But because these dreams were very specific on the dates, I would be a fool not to share these dreams with you all. Iím a fool for waiting so long to do so.

Also, Pastor JD, Pastor Paul Begley, Hagmann and Hagmann report, Lisa Dennis Sparks and so many other watchers are pointing toward a possible collapse and wars during this time period and it all falls in line with my dreams from the LORD.

I understand there are many dreams that donít come to pass and I understand the amount of false prophets out there. All I ask is that you all take this dream with a grain of salt, but please do consider it and pray about it. I do believe this dream is from the LORD.

Back in 2002 when I was fresh out of High School, I the LORD showed me a Tablet of Stone with a specific date on it and the background was black, nothing around, but here in this dream there is a stone with a specific date, almost like a grave stone. The date was 4 months out from the dream, and I though the LORD was showing me that I was going to die on that date, so I was depressed. I told my parents and family about the dream I had received and told them that I did not have too much time left. They told me not to think so much about it and that it was probably nothing. When that date finally arrived, my sister in lawís mother died, to the exact date! After I reminded my brother and his wife about my dream 4 months prior, they were silent and had a very serious look on their face. It seemed as though they knew the LORD really did talk to his children through dreams and visions, but they werenít really so sure. It was an award situation.

The reason I just shared that dream from 2002 is because also, this year in 2012 around the month of July I received a dream that was similar. Dark background and this time there were 3 tablets of stone. They had specific dates on them, however Iím not sure about the day because when I woke up I forgot, but I do know it was either 21 or 12. It was defiantly one or the other.

Anyway, there were 3 tablets of stone which had a date Displayed. The first date was 12, the middle stone tablet had either 21 or 12 and the last stone tablet had 2012. So it was 12-21-2012 or 12-12-2012

The significance of this dream is, after those dates were presented to me, my spirit felt the rapture had occurred during that time. Having said that, consider the following:

The New Age occultists keep saying at that time we will be in a new age and be spiritually awakened. (I can see this if the rapture happens).

The Mayans say itís the beginning of the New Age and if you dig into the bibleÖÖJesusís followers asked him for the signs before the end of the age. Well, the Mayanís know the end of the age.

There was a secular guest on Coast to Coast AM radio show explaining that there will be a portal opening when the dark rift aligns with the winter solstice on Dec 21, 2012 and that during that time there would be a ďharvest of soulsĒ. He said that Christians call that the rapture.

After listening to that show, it reminded me of that dream I had about the 3 stone tablets with the dates.

Very, Very interesting indeed. Guys, please pray about it. You can take my dreams with a grain of salt, but that is what I dreamed and that is what I was shown. I just want to share them with you all. If nothing happens, great. But we as watchman must at least consider, because letís face itÖwe donít know for sure when the rapture will happen. I pray these dreams are truly from the LORD. I marked the dates down on my calendar. We shall see! Itís almost time!


Roberto Rosales (Robert Rose).