F.M. Riley (25 March 2013)
"I told you so!"

     Well isn't this fascinating!   And perhaps surprising! 


     Many years ago I learned that "Time is always on the side of truth."  In other words, when one knows that they know that they know that they have proclaimed the truth of God's Word, and yet it is rejected, they need not fret or fume over it.  Rather, all they have to do is sit back and wait,

and the Lord God will with the passing of time reveal the truth of what has been proclaimed.   Well guess what?


     The last two days I have spent sending out my Bible study entitled "Behold the White Horse."   In this study I stated that the time would

come when the Catholic Heirarchy and the Muslim Heirarchy would have to "cut a deal" to work together, or else go to war against each other

with each religion trying to destroy the other.   I guess the idea seems far-fetched to some, who just don't want to believe it.  


     But this morning here comes two seperate articles to my email box received from two different sources.   One of them is a statement by the

new Pope, saying, "I am thinking particularly of dialogue with Islam."  The other is an article printed in the Jewish Press with the headline,

"A New Muslim Vision:  Rebuilding Solomon's Temple Together."   Yes, the article actually says that the Muslims, due to their common

ancestor with the Jewish people, Abraham, are offering to help the Jews rebuild their Temple.   Oh glory to God!   The prophetical truths of

the end-time are coming together so fast it almost makes one's head swim to keep up with all that is going on from day to day.   Indeed,

"Time is always on the side of truth!"  Glory to God!  Hallelujah!   Praise the Lord!   "Look up" folks!   Our redemption is drawing nigh.


     Those of our readers who would like to read these articles for themselves can find them at the following links:






                              Pastor F. M. Riley