F.M. Riley (14 March 2013)
"The new Pope has been chosen"

Alert!  Alert!  Alert!      

 Hey everyone!  The new Pope is elected.  Watch your evening news channels, for there is no question that many details will be on the

evening news. 
     According to the information I have been given so far, the cardinal who was elected is from Argentina.   This is the South American

country to which hundreds of Nazis fled as the second world war was winding down, and the government of Argentina gave these Hitler

following scum sanctuary, hiding them in their country.  The Catholic religion in that country played a role in their being hidden.  

     He is said to be 77 years of age.  "77" is the Bible number for "the outpouring or fulness or vengeance of God's wrath." 

     It is speculated that he is going to choose the name of "Pope Francis."  How about that one?  Since my name is Francis I know

exactly what the name means.  "Francis" means "friend or friendly."  Doesn't the Scripture explicitly teach that the future anti-christ

will come on the world scene as a "holy man" and a "friend" to everyone?   A man of peace?   Read Revelation 6:1-and Daniel

11:21 and 11:24.  

     Look over the hilltops folks.  Can't you who are true believers see the lights of glory in the distance drawing ever closer?  


                           Pastor F. M. Riley