Edwina (13 March 2013)
"THE LORD IS HEALING MY GRADE IV C-NCER !!! All because of Planet 7X!!!"

Dear Doves and Steven King and BG Ellis!
The maker of the Planet 7X charts and awesome mapping of Nibiru, is saving my life!
It is probably no secret to those who have got to know me that i am incredibly interested in the Nibiru/Planet X situation, and whether i was searching on my own, or whether i saw Steven King's link to Gill Brousard's site, the creator of the Planet 7X...or even BG Ellis, i just cannot rememeber now since the 25th February, well my life has been changing so radically and i cannot keep my mouth or my silence any longer!
My health has been poor for 10 years suffering with Chronic Fatigue and then 3 years ago with breast c-ncer, and then last year had a secondry site in my chest bone, i was given morphine and the upshot was just go and die quietly! well, i then accepted the illness and went ahead buying my funeral and coffin, sold my car and got ready to die.
Around the 25th February i watched the Planet 7X and wrote to the author Planet7X@gmail.com a Mr. Gill Brousard about his INCREDIBLE work and so excited about it all, but also mentioned that i hope i can stay alive long enough, since i had set my heart on being raptured! and did not want a "death bed scene" particularly..as my Dad is 83 and who would look after him if i go?
Well, kind Mr. Gill Brousard wrote back to me almost immedietly, and said he had helped 12 people, one with only 2 months to live, and all have got through the parasite drama that c-ncer causes. 11 recovered and the 12th is on the way to getting better.
The upshot is, a chart was given to me of foods i should and should not be eating? KOSHER foods -( just up my street!). Alkaline is good. Acid is bad - the parasite loves acid and other things like ESSIAC Tea? Well, anyway, i immedietly sent for six months worth from Canada, i'm in UK, and for the last five days i have been on the diet...and taking the Essiac Tea.  i have stopped taking the morphine and each day i'm feeling better and more better! Halleluiah Praise the Lord!
So instead of looking at the grim reaper, and learning to die? Well, now i'm living again, and learning to live again!!lol
I would therefore like to thank, Gill Brousard, Steven King and BGEllis, for literally saving me from a fate i had accepted and so now i accept life! You have saved my life, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Also, i have had two wonderful friends, whom i have met here on the doves, Gerlinda and  Mary who have been so supportive so i am completely, a new creation!
The moral of the story? Planet X was the "key" and also guess what? The Faith of Gill Brousard? Why yes! Our Father, and Our King Yeshuah Ha Mashiach and the whole prism and charism of our Jewish roots, Kosher foods are for our own good and our own heath, processed food is bad.
Thank you John for the opportunity and for the Holy Spirit who is free and able to blow He Wills.
Shalom, Marantha, and i can wait now with the greatest joy and renewal that i never imagined ever! How Wonderful is Our Lord and King!
love edwina.
p.s. If any one is ill and dying like i was, please do write to Gill Brousard i'm sure he would help you like he has me!