Donna Danna (23 March 2013)
"A Visible Act of Judgement Will Come Upon A Major TV Evangelist & Ministry Unless He Repents & Steve Quayle's Endtime Vision"

(Beginning at the 19:58 minute mark into this program Steve Quayle said God told him that in the coming months a visible act of judgement will come upon a major TV evangelist and his ministry unless he repents.  More about the mega ministries on TV being called to repent and to sell their mansions begins at 56:53 mark. At about the 73:40 minute mark, Steve Quayle talks about an endtime vision that God gave him.  He describes millions of people as scavengers dressed in tattered clothing, no cars, gangs killing and plundering, and a cannibal market where people were displayed for sale. They will spare no children.  There was a far reaching famine, and food and fresh water were precious commodities.  He saw the strangest plagues killing tens of millions of people and eating them alive.  He saw women being placed in rape camps and the most horrific things being done to them, and horrific things being done to men by other men.  There was a suffocating atmosphere making it very difficult to breathe where you had to get down on your hands and knees on the ground in order to breathe.  There were earthquakes that couldn't be measured on the richter scale because they were so great.  People were going mad and turning on each other and eating each other alive.  There was great cruelty. At the 109.0 minute mark Steve said A CIA hitman told him that the intelligence community had penetrated every major TV ministry and interjected their men and their women and was largely responsible for funding the pre-tribulation teaching.  At the 112.2 minute mark he discusses a little box on the base found in the area where the quillotines were found with arabic writing on their crates. ( Read article called National Guard Soldiers Saw & Touched The Guillotines At Fort Devens at ) The little box was 3 ft. x 4 ft. x 2 ft.  While trying to figure out how to open the box, one of the men ran his hands over the edge of the box and an holgraphic control panel in the shape of a footprint appeared with specific symbols and drawings, but the men could only remember two of the symbols (glyphs). There were about a dozen symbols.  However, these two symbols on the control panel of this little box were identical to the control panel on the crashed Roswell UFOsaucer which had 12 image (symbols) and six fingers controlled all the buttons.)
Steve Quayle on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report
The handwriting on the wall & it is against us. America has been weighed on God's balance and found lacking. Therefore, who among us should not expect that judgment will fall upon America?