Donna Danna (21 March 2013)
"To: Jovial Re:  Some problems why The Catholic Church Cannot be the Woman Riding the Beast"

In reply to your post at about some problems why the Catholic Church cannot be the Woman riding the Beast, I don't understand why you said that the Vatican City is outside of Rome because the city of Rome completely surrounds the Vatican City state making it landlocked which means it is inside Rome and once was a part of the city of Rome which sits on 7 hills. Some claim these 7 mountains on which the woman sits are seven kingdoms, and some claim they are the 7 continents since the Roman Catholic Church has churches on the 7 continents of Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.  What city do you think that Peter was referring to in 1 Peter 3:13 which he called Babylon if it wasn't the city of Rome?   I also notice that the Roman Catholic Church still goes by the name of the Roman Catholic Church and has never changed its name to the Vatican City Catholic Church when the Vatican City, where the Pope now resides, became an independent state.