Donna Danna (21 March 2013)
"To: Jovial Re: If Francis is PETRVS R0MANVS, there's no pre-trib rapture"

In your post at you stated the following:
If Malachy was right, and Francis is Petrus Romanus, that means several things;
  • Francis is a good shepherd, since Malachy said Petrus Romanus would "nourish" the flock.
  • Petrus Romanus will remain until Judgement Day, which means he won't be raptured.
  • So if Petrus Romanus is here, and he will remain until Judgement Day, there's no rapture before Judgement Day.
So do you really want to quote Malachy???
(My comment is that I wouldn't consider any Pope a good shepherd who promotes the false doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.  Also why would there be no rapture before Judgment Day if Petrus Romanus remains on Earth until Judgement Day and isn't raptured?  Why would you expect the leader of the Roman Catholic church which promotes false doctrine, which is another word for lies, to be raptured?   I would expect him to go through the tribulation and not be raptured unless he repents because he would be feeding his sheep some more of the false doctrine that the Roman Catholic Church has perpetuated down through the years, such as: praying to Mary like she was God, purgatory which doesn't exist, Mary and Joseph not consumating their marriage and having no children together, bowing down to statues which is idolatry, etc. and who knows what other false doctrine that the Roman Catholic Church might promote in the future.   Will Pope Francis promote an alien savior if UFOs land?  Will Pope Francis declare the Virgin Mary to be the Co-Redemptrix with Christ, and Mary as the Mediatrix between God and man which are both false doctrines that I will cover in another post?
While I hope for a pre-tribulation rapture, it's probably not going to happen until the Son of Perdition is revealed which may happen at the beginning of the great tribulation period when the abomination of desolation is set up.