Deb (12 March 2013)
"False 7 year trib"

Dear Doves

Reading the post for the last couple of days,I have come to the conclusion and belief  that 
the wool is trying to be pulled over our eyes.

I agree with those who believe that the false AC really is the false AC and that the real one is still hiding in the wings and that this is really a false 7 year trib.

It seems too convenient as one dove said and  remember the devil plays dirty pool.

The bible talks about a great falling away, and there is an avalanche of false doctrine out there just waiting for the right moment to drop, could this be it?

I think many so called Christians still have it too easy. Many are not looking up. God is not number one. 

Down through the ages real, true Christians have suffered for their faith, why should this time be different.

Yes, I think something very important is going to happen this month... Our Lord Jesus said to watch the signs...But like I said, too easy. Deception on a major scale is coming.

I think this ex-atheist is on to something,when he mentioned that the distraction will be silent, swift and from an unexpected source, that will change our society forever. Watch for a Hiroshima type bomb happening on a big American city' this would defiantly change our life style forever....look at Katrina.

God Bless
(Deb) Debbie

Thx John