David Landry (28 March 2013)
"Interesting,,,,kind of."


Hey Doves,
     Not at all a big believer in license plate numbers/words,slogans on billboards are tings of dat nature.(arnold). Found these messages interesting, kind of, sort of. First one was this: "What does God have to do, to get your attention." Second on was this: " Itís time to get moving. Your spirits will lift accordingly." Again, not a big fan of many people reading something and assuming God is trying  to tell anyone particular individual some kind of message or clue about an event or circumstance that may come to light. Why am I even bringing this up then if I'm such a big skeptic? One reason, I wasn't looking for this at all. Some people make it their mission seek out clues or messages from whatever the source is and allege God is revealing a message to that person. Second reason is last time I received a possible message from God is when my wife and I were fighting big brother over an issue and we won our court case and we filed pro se. The message was that a favorable judgment is due you, or on its way, something to that effect. This is probably nothing. Chances are slim and none. If someone wanted to read something into this, maybe one would say that in 7 days is last day of Passover. Maybe a clue or warning. I received messages on 3/26/13. Anyway, these messages stood out for some reason. Don't read too much into this, please. Its probably nothing.