David H (28 March 2013)
"Artwork/visions/ Comet Ison"


To All Doves
Regarding the artwork, and the dividing of America. I have made a prediction that the first trumpet will sound september fifth on the feast of trumpets. Since then I have had a follow up dream regarding a volcanic event around St. Louis Missouri....I Have never been there, nor have I known of any geologic activity there which is why this dream was so strange. But rather than being Just an apocalyptic dream, which I am sure that it was as many died. The eruption of Lava was quickly followed by a geyser of water which cooled the Lava. The resulting "wilderness" was shown to me to be an escape route/place of safety for His children. There was a distinct feeling of a road being paved. I am unsure if this was "prophetic" in any way, but I wanted to share this in case you find yourself in this situation.
 Of note, is all the "Hail" and debris in the drawing. The red and Black border is indicative of the transition from the rider on the red horse, and the rider on the black horse. If a volcanic/ destructive event occurs in the heartland of the U.S. shortly before the hearvest, Famine will soon follow. Not to mention the cutting off of supply routes.

Regarding the red thread, and Israel in these visions, I keep thinking of the "red line" Netanyahu drew at his speech at the UN last year pointing to spring, before summer. This symbolism comes from Rahab who was saved by a red thread. Which is also indicative of the blood of the Lamb. So Yes, War is coming, which has been planned by many, and the red button will be hit shortly. I see a prophetic nature in these visions, and i hope whoever is drawing them, continues.
I Know that my time line does not Jive with traditional views of revelation...Having the first trumpet between the red and black horse of revelation, But it is what was revealed to me through his word, and for now I am watching to see if this comes to fruition. Following that comes the events of revelation 12:1-6 around Kislev 24 with the comet Ison. Read that passage and watch the following video, noting the locations of the Moon, and sun, and Virgo. and the "sweep of the tail".

This is all speculation, but very plausible.

Just my thoughts on your drawings.
God bless

David H