Charles (25 March 2013)
"It's all a movie to them"


I had a gift card so I took my family to a movie have not been to one in about a year. I saw the croods in 3d. I went to see the brainwashing and its worse then I thought. If you have not been shoving your head at tv and the movies every second of your non asleep time it hurts. Your head. The pre commercials were all about evil transformers hunting the beast a red dragon like thing. There was a seemingly innocent snail that wanted to go faster he had a five on him faster to the fifth age after the rapture!

It kept on the movie all movies seem to follow this family in peril cute heart string plot dad changes and adapts and saves the family. They were hiring in caves but guy who brought fire led them to the light a mountain that had two towers like the number 11! They had to follow the light fly across a chasm of fire follow the sun to escape the world that was ending with earthquakes and volcanos behind them they could not just hide in the cave. Hey  typing this out just got the brainwashing. A aargh!  Everyone was laughing carrying on I wanted to just eat popcorn and be a dad for two hours but. I know that the tribulation will have a great EQ the fact is these people laughing are going to be living this solo except they come our of the fantasy of their work, soccer, tv is reality and see the EQs the weather the society is crumbling instead they just go to movies at 50 for three and snacks and drinks and think those warning that this s all vanity and we need to stop playing religion and stop watching dancing with the stars and look up to the God who made them and repent I am sorry for this I know this the truth sets you free the truth is this world has been vanity and not what it should have been since Adam and Christ died for our reconciliation to the Father. But actually seperatimg from this world it's wisdom it's ways is crazy to the world because they see tv as reality movies as the escape from what they see around them they just toon it out because to realize that what God said is true and you are perishing except for His Sons blood and that alone sobers you up you see the world without the drunken kool aid punch in your system and it makes you want to heave it out like bad sushi.

I tried to have a nice normal evening all Ileft with was amazement at how truly asleep the entire world is except for a few God has convicted of the truth. The koolaid just hurts our head now it does not leave that false feel good yeah they made it all cutesy everything is ok with the world and I worked all week to spend my disposable income being group thinked while I eat my GMO popcorn.

Cannot go outside its like the day after tommorow not spring and no one seems to think that odd. In the movie guy saw the danger and by getting them to take the chance led them to safety.

I don't want to lead you to twin tower eleven mountains I don't want you to hide in a cave I don't want you to follow the sun! I want you to realize we all in a split second were conned out of the title deed to earth and Jesus died and rose and He is coming back with it. But before that the Son is coming in the clouds to take those Looking for deliverance from this Truman show that everyone thinks is just going on while the birds and fish and aninks die and the lakes and rivers run blood red and the hail falls like golf balls.

It's just cloudy with a chance of meatball no it's God saying hey worship me not this world. I am trying to say this don't follow religion guy to the sun worship of the light. Follow the guy pointing to the Son! Believe on The Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved and your household. Believe on means to turn from the world and turn to Jesus and walk His way.

If you find no pleasure in what this world delights you probably are on the same path. The thing is I understand they just want to have reality be what they are fed that they can go to the movies that their investments will go up and their kids can be soccer stars that they can eat and drink and marry and be married that the world will get more peaceful and all the religions will just get along and be tolerant.

Problem is of you read the bible and believe Gods word friendship with the world is emmity to Him and emmity to the world friendship because the whole world is walking in vanity instead of acknowledging God as thier creator and Jesus as Lord. How by just living this life maybe even going to church but not coming out of the vanity they think Heavan is where they go when their done living here. Reality you need to live in Heavan in your spirit while your body lives here.

I saw the sickly sweet alure of just like all our friends just going away on spring break living like Larry. But the truth is the only reason things seem normal is because the rapture has not occured. By the time they believe our warnings if we keep from chugging to much if thier kool aid we will be gone and the movie ends badly.

Look up watch pray establish your heart waith for The Lord our real life is not here. It's being kept in Heavsn and that's a truth few want to soberly live for not running in the same excess of riot.

I am not perfect I went to a movie but I know its all a sales pitch now and was horrified the whole theatre bought it. My only hope is Jesus bought me with His blood. It's like a real life horror movie your the guy warning everyone going to the cabin to party and they laugh at you!

Jesus can I leave the theatre with my Doves?